25 year old daughter Dies suffering from headaches at family dinner!

Gaia Young was 25, the daughter of Lord Michael Young. She was also a half-sister to commentator and writer Toby Young. After she succumbed to a headache in June, her family paid tribute.

Gaia Young (25), died from a headache she experienced at a family meal 

After complaining of headaches, the daughter of an aristocrat has suddenly died.

Gaia Young was the sister of Toby Young (commentator and writer) and the daughter of Lord Michael Young. She died suddenly on July 21.

After becoming unwell during a heatwave in the area, the 25-year-old was rushed to a hospital.

She fell ill while eating dinner, and she laid down on the couch in the living area to recover.

Gaia’s father was Lord Michael and she was five years old when he died.

The cause of her death is still unknown, as her first post-mortem on her body was inconclusive. According to the Daily Mail, she had been tested positive for coronavirus at the hospital.

Gaia was Toby Young’s half-sister

Gaia’s mother Dorit stated: “Suddenly she removes herself from the table. We didn’t even notice it at first. Then she rings through the landline to say, ‘Mum, I have a very bad headache, I’m in the front room.’

“Gaia thought she was suffering from heatstroke.”

Doris said an hour later Gaia was vomiting and an ambulance was called to take her to University College London Hospital.

Just a day later she was declared brain dead and she later died. Her funeral was held last week.

A spokesperson for UCLH stated: “Our deepest sympathies go to Gaia’s loved ones at this very sad and difficult time. We are in contact with her family and reviewing the circumstances leading to her death.”

Toby Young released the following statement: “It’s an unspeakable tragedy for which there’s no apparent explanation. Gaia ate healthily, exercised regularly, did not take drugs, and only drank occasionally and in moderation.

“Some people will speculate that her sudden and unexpected death was caused by the Covid vaccine. However, she received her second shot in March, four months before the incident.

“She tested negative for Covid in the hospital. The death of a family member is always difficult to bear, but for a healthy 25-year-old to be suddenly taken from you is particularly hard.

“She was a lovely person – kind, funny, clever, creative, loyal, conscientious, endlessly curious. She had the whole world at her feet. I know we don’t live in a just universe, but in spite of that Gaia’s death feels terribly unjust.”

A fundraiser set up has already raised more than £9,000 for three charities that Gaia supported, including The Little Princess Trust, The Skid Row Running Club, and the Covid-19 Homeless Taskforce.

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