21 People in New Mexico Rescued After Being Stuck in Tramway Car on New Years Eve for Almost 24 Hours

Imagine getting home from work, trying to find your way and then being stuck in the air. That’s how 21 people in Albuquerque, New Mexico, rang in the new year.

Two cars on the Sandia Peak Tramway were carrying tramway and restaurant employees on the last ride of the night when icy conditions shut down the trams.

They were stuck there for nearly 24 hours on a ride that’s usually 15 minutes.

Operation were slowed by high winds, but several agencies joined forces to assist passengers and crew who were left behind. 

Managers of the tramway claim that the cars are well-stocked with food, water and emergency heating blankets. However, passengers claim that temperatures dropped and they were freezing. They spent New Year’s Eve rationing water and lifesaver gummies.

Rescuers had three options: climb up to a tower, get on the tram, and then set up a rope system to bring people down to safety. They then hiked about 100 yards with the passengers to a landing area, where they were taken away one at a time by a helicopter.

The sheriff’s office livestreamed the rescue operation for over an hour, sharing a frightening ordeal those passengers won’t soon forget.

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