Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life Instagram post has got the Fans Surprised

Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life Instagram post has got the Fans SurprisedMy Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore repeatedly faces criticism from her social media followers. The trolling seems to have increased with the premiere of My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s season 9. But Thore doesn’t take the slams in silence.

For instance, in recent posts, Whitney has clapped back at fans for claiming her French boyfriend wants to remain anonymous because he’s embarrassed by her weight.

The reality TV star has even slammed fans’ “unsolicited opinions” about her use of lip fillers.

And she also doesn’t hold back when My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers question why she hasn’t lost weight despite her intense exercise program.

Whitney likely prepared for more criticism due to all of the bashing.

She got a surprise surprise. Learn more!

My Big Fat Fabulous Life  Spoilers – Whitney Way Thore Shares News On Instagram

As an experienced reality TV star, Whitney Way Thore knows that engaging her fans on social media can pay off in ratings.

And so, despite those slams, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star frequently shares what’s happening in her life on Instagram.

In her newest Instagram post, for instance, Thore wrote, “Did y’all hear that @nobsactive is transitioning to an app on October 1? I work out and film fitness-related content multiple times a day EVERY day.”

Then, in addition to her announcement about her exercise program, Whitney offered praise for a clothing line.

“And I’m so thankful that @athleta has me covered, literally, from head to toe. My ultimate favorite piece is the conscious crop top…I have it in a million colors!” Whitney was praised by the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star.

“And now that fall is coming🤞I can use all my hoodies and jackets to layer!” Whitney agreed. “Check out my stories to see a piece from the new sleep collection. 💤 Also, you can now shop @athleta just by tapping the products in this post! #athletapartner.”

My Big Fat Fabulous Life - Whitney Way Thore

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers – Whitney Thore’s Instagram Followers’ Surprising Reactions To New Post

Although Whitney may have expected bashing over her fitness program, No BS Active, based on the past.

Instead, My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s star got praise for several reasons.

First, Thore’s Instagram fans gushed over her fitness studio.

“Slightly unrelated, but I still can’t get over how amazing your workout studio looks!! You did such a good job with it! 😍😍” One fan wrote about the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star.

And second, several of the reality TV star’s Instagram followers praised the clothing line that Whitney hyped.

“Athleta is killing it with plus-size gear. I love all the clothes I’ve purchased. Really well made and thought out details,” Another fan shared the link.

Last but not least, Whitney’s Instagram followers didn’t scold her over her anonymous French boyfriend or her weight.

Many of her fans were more impressed with her appearance.

“Looking good!🔥” One fan wrote.

“Lookin FLY!!!” One fan replied.

What do YOU think of Whitney Way Thore’s sudden switch from praise to slams?

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