$10K Penalty for Eye Contact on the Massachusetts Hiking Trail Is This Real

Massachusetts residents are left baffled by the strange signs that line hiking trails.

One reminded walkers to wear shoes. “No Eye Contact”Another threatened to impose a $10,000 penalty on the offender. Another said “No Running With Sticks.”

There was a lot of discussion on social media about the strange markings. Some thought that they were harmless Northeast humor.

“That may be the most New England thing I’ve ever seen. Love it,”Reddit user: Another shared his childhood in Massachusetts. “I smoke a cigarette and my neighbor does too. We’re always out at the same time. Our house is right up to their yard. I’ve never even looked in her direction,”According to the poster.

This signage could also be an amusing remark on rivalry between Belmont and Waltham suburbs.

“No Running With Sticks. Do it in Waltham — they don’t care if you put your eye out. Per Belmont Bylaw … (forgot which #).”

Whatever the reason, the signs are apparently gone now and no one has stepped up to claim ownership.

“Those signs were not Belmont-sanctioned signs and they have been removed,”A town employee shared the information with The Boston Globe via email.

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