1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton flaunts much-slimmer face & reveals ‘reasons to date her’ after husband Caleb’s death

1000-LB. Sisters star Tammy Slaton has showcased her slimmer face while detailing her dating resumé after husband Caleb’s death.

TLC’s celebrity has revealed her amazing weight loss following bariatric surgeries and a long rehab program.

1000-LB Sisters’ Tammy Slaton shared her 'reasons to date me' on TikTok


1000-LB Sisters’ Tammy Slaton shared her ‘reasons to date me’ on TikTok/queentammy86
She showed off her slim face in the video shared months after husband Caleb's death


In a video posted months after Caleb died, she showed off a slimmer face.Credit: TikTok/tammyslaton2020

Tammy posted a TikTok using a filter which revealed all of the reasons to “date me.”

The woman showed her face with a thinned appearance. ClipShe recorded while looking straight into the camera.

Tammy wore her thin wire-frame glasses and a bandana with sunflowers around her neck.

She wore a top in black with a square-neckline.

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After the video, the filter showed that Tammy had the following qualities: “food is my language of love,” “good kisser,” as well as “not being a Gemini.”

She seemed sceptical of the conclusions, pulling an angry face before breaking into a roar of laughter.

This 1000-lb. Sisters actress captioned video, “TikTok dirty me lol.”

It has previously been reported that Tammy is “dating” again after her husband’s passing.

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Tammy continues to work hard after having had weight loss surgery.

Social media has seen her proudly displaying the weight-loss results.

This week the TV personality uploaded a TikTok in which she used a “What type of girl are you?” filter.

It was said by the filter that Tammy had a kind heart. She replied, “Aw! OK.”

Tammy is wearing a tank top in green with black bra.

She accessorized her outfit with many long necklaces.

The clip does not include any beauty filters.

She chose to show off her slimmer, natural face instead.

Tammy lost 400 pounds after undergoing weight-loss rehab and surgery.

Not done yet

Tammy’s journey to lose weight is far from being over.

In fact, she “may soon weigh less” than her younger sister Amy Slaton, 35, an insider told The U.S. Sun.

According to the source, Tammy has been sticking to her strict diet despite her late husband Caleb Willingham’s recent devastating death and weighs close to the same amount as Amy, who got surgery before her and weighed less than she did to start.

Amy’s weight was over 400 pounds when she began her journey to lose weight.

While she was able to shed 125 pounds, undergo a gastric bypass surgery, and be at a healthy weight to birth two children, Tammy struggled.

Tammy’s weight increased, reaching a troubling 717 pounds before she was rushed to the emergency room.

In 2022, Tammy entered a weight loss clinic in Ohio and has since dropped an impressive amount of weight and turned her life around.

In July, The U.S. Sun reported Tammy now weighs under 340 pounds – while it’s been estimated that her sister Amy weighs around 225 pounds.

A source told The U.S. Sun, that Tammy’s family members and friends “wouldn’t surprise” her if soon she weighs less.

The source said that Tammy was “determined” to follow her diet and Amy didn’t.

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Tammy is determined to continue losing weight and change her body in as many ways as she can after surgery.

The source claims that Amy is more likely to slip up on her diet than Tammy.

Tammy and Caleb met in rehab and were together only a short time


Tammy met Caleb in rehabilitation and they were only together for a few daysCredit: TikTok/tammyslaton2020
She has lost more than 400 pounds and has been showing off the results of her weight loss online


Her weight loss has exceeded 400 pounds, and she has shown off her results onlineMatt Symons, commissioned by the Central Recorder digital edition
Tammy is expected to get thinner than her sister Amy Slaton, who has surgery before her


Tammy’s sister Amy Slaton will be thinner after her surgery.

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