100-90 are the 100 greatest World Cup goals.

The 2022 World Cup could be the most controversial ever in history.

Qatar hosts have a terrible human rights record. More than 6,000 migrants have been killed during construction of the stadiums in Qatar due to extreme heat. This is why the tournament will be held in winter.

We’re going to have a hard time enjoying the tournament due to the enormous elephant in the room, and the awkward political situation surrounding it. But we’ll do our best.

Instead of dwelling on the future, we decided to take a walk down memory lane to indulge in true football nostalgia. That’s because that’s exactly what the World Cup’s all about.

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Every four years, we are presented with images of Pele (Maradona), Zidane Moore, Beckenbauer, and other greats, who all have immortality due to their achievements at the Word Cup. Some of them even scored some decent goals.

We watch the World Cup for Brazilian screamers, Argentine dribbles and well-worked German goals. There is also a little bit of Italian audacity.

The list will be released slowly, 10 per day, until the tournament begins on November 20th. Naturally, we start at the bottom with numbers 100 to 90.

100. Maicon, Brazil vs North Korea 2010

This is the classic “did he or didn’t” goal. Maicon, who is probably best known for giving Gareth Bale the runaround, scored this seemingly impossible strike to break down the deadlock against North Koreans in one the most exciting games of the 2010 Group Stages.

Maicon Amazing Goal vs North Korea HDwww.youtube.com

99. Kieran trippier, England vs Croatia 2018.

Before he was the Toon Army’s magical Newcastle captain that made them dream, Kieran Trippier briefly had England imagining a World Cup final. In the opening minutes in the 2018 semi-final against Croatia, he scored this sublime free kick against Croatia.

Kieran Trippier Goal in the World Cup Semi Finals!!www.youtube.com

98. Andreas Ogris, Austria vs USA 1990

Austria suffered a miserable Italia 90, and was already eliminated when they met the United States in their last group match. They had something to celebrate when Andreas Ogris, a striker, found an energy surge to score a sublime solo counterattack goal as part a 2-1 victory.

Ogris austria 1990.aviwww.youtube.com

97. Philippe Albert (Belgium vs Germany 1994).

Newcastle fans will be familiar with Albert, the great Belgian defender who was capable of scoring stunning goals. He could also score for Belgium. The little give and go was a consolation in a game that ended 3-2 against Germany.

02/07/1994 Belgium against Germanyyoutu.be

96. Zinedine Zidane – France vs Italy 2006

This list doesn’t have many penalties, mostly because there are few panenkas that can rattle off the World Cup bar. This Zidane is the one we’re referring to, because he had the confidence and arrogance to pull this off in his last match as a player. It was after his disgraceful headbutt with Marco Materazzi.

Zinedine Zidane Penalty kick France V Italy FIFA World Cup Final 2006.www.youtube.com

95. Jared Borgetti: Mexico vs. Italy 2002

Headers are generally simple and straightforward with very little flair. Journeyman Mexican striker Jared Borgetti, however, was not so straightforward. He seemingly defied both the laws of physics as well as the English language. We’re not sure how to describe his goal so we’ll just let you watch it.

Jared Borgetti Mexico against Italy 1-0 First Round World Cup 2002 Dutch Commentarywww.youtube.com

94. Keisuke Honda, Japan vs Denmark 2010

Ahh, Jabulani. It was one of the most unpredictable World Cup balls and it was wildly criticized. It seemed to have a mind of its very own. Keisuke Honda, Japan’s legend scored a free kick against Denmark in 2010. It was an excellent example.

Keisuke Honda’s ‘Magical Goal’ Vs Denmarkwww.youtube.com

93. Eric Wynalda USA against Switzerland 1994

The USA scored the first goal at the first World Cup they hosted (they will return in 2026 as co-hosts with Mexico and Canada). Eric Wynalda, one of their most renowned players, scored a classic curling free-kick against Switzerland in the opening game. It ended 1-1. They were also not bad.

USA-Switzerland 1:1 | USA – Switzerland 1:1 | 45′www.youtube.com

92. Hwangbo Kwan, South Korea v Spain 1990

Kwan’s South Korean thunderbolt was one of only a few things Koreans could celebrate, it being the only goal they had scored. It was so fierce that it registered at 114 km/h. It didn’t bother Spain’s Michel who scored a hattrick in the game. However, all three strikes merited a shoutout.

1990 (June 17), Spain 3-South Korea (1 (World Cup).mpgwww.youtube.com

91. Ilie Dumitrescu, Romania vs Argentina 1994

Romania’s 1994 squad was full of brilliant, mercurial players that were capable of exceptional individual brilliance. Ilie Dumistrescu, a former Tottenham star, scored this simple goal to knock Argentina out of the 1994 FIFA World Cup.

DUMITRESCU – against argentina 1994www.youtube.com

90. Robbie Keane – Ireland vs Germany

Although this isn’t the most attractive goal, it is still as route one-friendly as they come. However, there was something special to this Ireland team in 2002. This strike by Robbie Keane sums up Mick McCarthy and his team’s determination. It was a shame that the other Keane couldn’t be there to witness it.

(HQ). Robbie Keane, Last Minute Goal Republic of Ireland v Germany 2002 World Cupwww.youtube.com

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