Club Sports Support Funding Seperation from Academic Clubs

During the 2011 Student Government Association elections a platform was introduced that would potentially separate the funding of club sports from academic clubs. In the past there have been misunderstandings between the club sports teams and the SGA, leading to problems with base budgets and confusion. To minimize the confusion and aggravation for both parties, newly-instated President Eric Bergenn, Vice President Liz Braun and Treasurer Nick Alaimo have begun to look into the possibility of splitting sports from academics.

SGA VP Hopes to Separate Club Sports from the Rest

As it stands, the CCSU club teams and the regular clubs are clumped together. This means that club teams such as ice hockey, rugby, lacrosse, baseball and equestrian follow the same rules when it comes to base budgets as clubs such as the Latin American Student Organization, the car club and the construction management club, which makes requests difficult for both the team and SGA.

Letter to the Editor: Response to SGA Disinterest

Recently, a student posted an editorial on how the SGA is a sham. This just goes to the show the ignorance that this current student body has on the SGA. Students today feel that the SGA is just a popularity contest. They feel its just about faces on flyers, but it is much, much more than that.

The SGA makes student clubs and organizations run. SGA lends their support to these organizations, funding them, sponsoring activities on campus. The SGA handles tuition money, so students better start caring and getting involved.

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