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Ned Lamont Discusses Financial Threats, War

In a discussion surrounding President Barack Obama’s first 30 days in office and ties between war and looming threats an economic depression, Ned Lamont examined these issue on a local scale.

Last Wednesday, Lamont, a lecturer at CCSU and a businessman who unsuccessfully ran against Joseph Lieberman for the U.S. Senate seat in 2006, spoke to a large crowd packed inside Marcus White Hall’s living room.

“We don’t want police and teachers laidoff,” said Lamont. Lamont expressed the importance of how people are being affected, especially those needed to maintain a structured society.

He also cautioned against a slippery slope, in which spending or cutting funds should be approached carefully and added that he was disappointed in Governor Jodi Rell’s announced budget plan. Lamont spoke about how Connecticut was once classified as a very wealthy state.

Although, the state may be suffering less than others, Lamont pointed out that there is a lack of new jobs. When asked why it is important for CCSU students to be aware of Obama’s administration, budget changes and their education, Lamont said that it will come back to CCSU students.

“It’s about how the budget will impact your tuition, how it will impact if your professor would be there or not next year,” he said. “It is important to know what is going on with the Obama administration,” said

Erika Dawson, 34, who is a CCSU senior and political science and social work major. As a proud Obama supporter, she feels the need to be aware of changes in the country and how it impacts her. Laid-off from work approximately two years ago, Dawson returned to school in hope of a better future.

“It’s hard – real hard,” added Dawson who is a mother of a 10- and 3-year-old. Dawson talked about cutbacks she has had to make in groceries and other expenses.

“You have to think twice before getting in that car and where you are going,” said Dawson. Lamont also discussed the foreign policy issue that President Obama has inherited and the hope to reduce violence in Iraq, while balancing America’s financial problems.

As an example of this hope, Lamont pointed out the peaceful election in which Iraqis voted for provincial councils and that they are taking part in the transformation. Lamont shared that Obama is sending 17,000 troops to Afghanistan, but raised the question of how to approach the U.S. mission in Afghanistan. He volunteered his opinion that Obama’s intentions are to protect Kabul and keep al Qaeda out.

“Obama is ready, committed to take on war,” said Lamont. “It will be his war, Obama’s war.


– Ariana Valentin,  Asst. News