‘Thor’ Sets Stage for Long-Awaited ‘Avengers’

May 11th, 2011
5 years ago

Thor is an arrogant tool. Son of Odin and brother of the mischievous Loki, he is a sure thing for the throne when Odin decides to cash in the 401k and head to Mexico. Odin’s claim to fame is restoring peace after defeating the Frost Giants and taking the source of their power for display at the Asgard historical society.

Netflix It: ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’

May 9th, 2011
5 years ago

Few science fiction horror films capture the pure essence of paranoia quite like the ones that make a valiant effort to tell the body snatching story first written by Jack Finney.

While Don Siegel’s 1956 version of Finney’s novel The Body Snatchers is quite possibly the best film to tell the story of an alien race that goes about its world domination without metal spaceships and with flowers, Philip Kaufman’s 1978 update holds a much more special place in my heart for a number of reasons.

‘Fast Five’ Explodes with Action

May 2nd, 2011
5 years ago

Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Jordana Brewster return to the screen in the most action packed ‘Fast and Furious’ yet.

With big crashes, sexy women and the addition of The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) as a brute federal agent, there’s plenty to bring in the mostly male audience which has helped shell out millions over the last decade since the first installment.

‘Hobo with a Shotgun’ Demands Change, Recreates Exploitation Genre

May 1st, 2011
5 years ago

Exploitation film has come a long and twisted way. What was once a genre that had ‘grindhouse’ theaters dedicated solely to the down and dirty on street corners across America’s best-known cities has gone wayward. With the oversaturation of disappointing home video quality horror and exploitation that lack the charm of the 1970’s productions, it’s becoming rare to find a film that breathes the same love for the cinema the successes of past year’s did.

Netflix It: ‘A Serious Man’

April 25th, 2011
5 years ago

Michael Stuhlbarg. Many of us didn’t know that name before he appeared on Boardwalk Empire. Before he played Arnold Rothstein on the HBO series, who famously rigged the 1919 world series while betting on the Chicago White Sox, now dubbed the ‘Black Sox’, he had only landed minor roles.

Suspenseful ‘Scream 4’ Delivers Polished Horror Mockery

April 22nd, 2011
5 years ago

It was a popular trend in the 80s to make a horror film which could be defined as a ‘slasher’. As we progressed, so did the genre. The 90s brought a cinematic and slightly more elegant horror back to life. The capstone example of this is ‘Scream.’

Delightfully Crude ‘Your Highness’ Works Well on Low Level

April 11th, 2011
5 years ago

When David Gordon Green finished making his independent masterpiece George Washington, I’m not even sure he himself knew where his career was going.

The filmmaker and writer spent time slipping out of serious films like the aforementioned drama and other early career highlights like All the Real Girls and into silly world highlighted by Pineapple Express. But none of Green’s adventures to the new genre has been sillier than Your Highness.

Netflix It: ‘Mesrine: Killer Instinct’

April 5th, 2011
5 years ago

Vincent Cassel furthered his notoriety among North American audiences in 2010 with his incredible performance in the Oscar-nominated Black Swan. While his exploding performance wasn’t nominated for an award itself, it could have been.

‘Hop’ Flops on Big Screen

April 5th, 2011
5 years ago

Despite having a complete grasp of the Aldous Snow character, from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek, Russell Brand doesn’t have a whole lot else to say for himself on his resume. Hop is another attempt by Brand at the animated feature (with his last being a smaller role in Despicable Me as Dr. Nefario).

‘Source Code’ Wisely Combines Thrill with Taste for Humanity

April 2nd, 2011
5 years ago

I have faith in a few things. One of those things is that everything a Bowie touches must be good. Duncan Jones, son to performer extraordinaire David Bowie, kept that faith alive with his debut film Moon.

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