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Album Review: “Love Death Immortality”

By Acadia Otlowski

“Love Death Immortality” is the second album released electronic group The Glitch Mob. It was released in early 2014. While not quite magnificent as the group’s previous album, “Drink the Sea,” this album combines slow beats with fast ones to create a complete work that can only be enjoyed fully by listening to the album straight through.

The album opens with the song, “Mind of a Beast.” This fast-paced song is not only diverse musically but it provides a strong opening that engages the listener almost immediately. The beginning of the song is slow, hooking the listener and tempting them to continue listening.

A pause follows the first song and the mellower intro to the song “Our Demons” begins. It features softer notes, while still maintaining the fast beat that listeners heard in the first song. Like the opening track, this song builds quickly, transforming from its initial mellow tone to something more intense. This song features Aja Volkman whose powerful vocals drive the song forward.

This is followed by the song, “Skullclub,” which follows the same theme as the previous songs. This is one of my favorite songs on the album. It features a strange mechanical voice that chants, “We are. We are. We are. We are the wild ones.” This serves as a transition from the slower, more melodic beginning, to an insanely fast beat that begs the listener to dance to it. This song is pretty heavy; it features disjointed high-pitched voices and still follows the same cadence as the previous two songs.

The second to last song on the album is “Carry the Sun.”  It follows the same  sort of vibe as the rest of the album except it starts off at a high point instead of building. Then it slowly lowers in mood, later lifting again. While it is not the best song on the album, I have no reason to dislike it. The song slowly fades to end.

When the music picks up again for the final track, “Beauty of the Unhidden Heart,” a soft female singer opens the song. The opening makes me dislike the song. The female singer does not fit the tone set by the rest of the album. When the electronic parts take over, the song improves. Then the female singer comes back in. I wish the album did not close in this way. It is a weak way of finishing an album.

There are only 10 songs on this album, but all of them are long enough to create a hefty album. The total run time is 52 minutes.

One of my favorite parts about this album, and The Glitch Mob in general, is the fact that similar melodies and themes are used throughout the album. This creates a cohesive piece of art rather than a collection of songs. It is similar to the way a melody is able to be carried throughout a movie soundtrack, clearly defining each song as part of the whole.

Even the last song, despite its weaknesses, carried the similar theme. It is an older style of doing music, creating a fluid piece of work. The difference is that they use new instruments, filling the space with computer-generated sounds that somehow manage to remain appealing.

It’s not as good as the group’s debut album, but “Love Death Immortality” is definitely worth the listen.