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Faculty Senate Requests Financial Numbers From Athletic Department

By Justin Muszynski

The Faculty Senate passed a motion Monday that will require the athletic department to submit their annual state auditor’s report to the Faculty Senate, University Planning and Budget Committee and the SGA. They will also be forced to publish it on the University’s website.

Athletic Director Paul Schlickmann explained to the committee that he believes his department had already complied with this shortly after it was brought up at a Planning and Budget Committee meeting.

“As far as I can tell it’s been accomplished,” said Schlickmann. “Quite honestly it’s nothing new to what we do and what we are mandated to do on an annual basis relative to our finances. There are three reports that we have to complete on an annual basis that are public documents.”

Candace Barrington, President of the Senate, presented a report by Stephen Adair who serves on the Faculty Advisory Committee to the Board of Regents. In his report he stated that the recent tuition increase will only be 3.3 percent for CCSU students despite the state average being 3.8.

The senate also passed changes that were proposed last semester that provide a provision to fill a vacancy if a senate officer leaves for a semester.

Another issue was brought up in relation to the athletic department motion. Guy Crundwell, a member of UPBC, voiced some of the reason behind the resolution the committee came up with. According to Crundwell, preliminary data shows that the athletic spending at CCSU is outweighing academic spending.

The committee also passed a motion asking for Crundwell, Schlickmann and another UPBC member to give a report at the Senate’s next meeting on whether or not athletic spending is overshadowing academic spending and if funding for athletic scholarships is coming out of CCSU’s general funds.

Edward Sarisley, Professor of Manufacturing and Construction Management, supported the motion for the athletic department to disclose their finances but also called for “total transparency throughout the university.”

“We need to as a group not wear blinders and see where our allocations are going and balance them,” said Sarisley. “We need to have total transparency from the athletic department, furthermore we need to address that some things cost more than others.”

Also at the meeting, Student Government Association President Eric Bergenn presented a report asking for help filling all of the Faculty Senate committees with students. Also in his report he said he was working on a survey directed towards students in regards to the General Education reform that is ongoing this semester. Bergenn and Faculty Senate ad hoc committee chair Robert Wolff are looking to get as much input as possible.

“I always knew that we would get help from the committee [who are] on committees but really it was just a friendly reminder that it’s something we’re working on right now,” said Bergenn after the meeting. “We appreciate the feedback we’ve been getting. We’ve been working real hard on getting these people there, but there’s a kind of a limit to what we can do right now.”

The next Faculty Senate meeting will take place on Feb. 13 in Vance Academic Center, room 105 at 3:05 pm.