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Lessons Learned From ESPN on Campus

By Brittany Burke

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the campus headquarters for the world-wide leader in sports is located in Bristol, Conn., less than a half an hour from our own CCSU campus, but low and behold ESPN happens to be just 10.39 miles away.

Some of the best programming in sports happens practically at the doorstep of CCSU, which is why representatives from ESPN made the short 18 minute trek from their own facilities to CCSU last Wednesday, Sept. 14, to talk to students about what it takes to become a team member in one of the most lucrative sports media businesses.

The representatives, led by Joe Franco, manager of university recruiting, spoke mostly about what they did for the company, focusing on what college students needed to do to be able compete with the thousands of other applicants internationally.

While ESPN may be located in Bristol, Franco wasn’t hesitant in reminding the students that people of all ages and experience levels are vying for the same lucrative positions as they are, so it is vital to put your greatest and most unique information on your resume.

The hiring managers at ESPN get thousands upon thousands of applicants each year and according to Franco they only spend 27 seconds glancing over each one … that’s it. After that initial 27 seconds they make a decision of whether or not to spend more time looking it over or just to toss it, this is why Franco preached to the crowd of students in Torp Theater to apply for their own skill set, the rule of thumb is not to apply for something they’re not capable of. It is always important to be confident and definite of what you can do, according to the panel.

“The kiss of death,” Franco said to the audience, “saying, ‘I’ll do anything.’” That one phrase can make you sound desperate said Franco, which immediately would turn any employer off.

The most powerful part of the panel’s presentation was a short video clip, which was just snippets of major moments in the history of sports, accompanied by real people proclaiming what teams they loved and followed religiously. The combination was enough to give any sports fan chills, and it was just a reminder to why so many people yearn to work for them.

Who wouldn’t want to turn their passion into their career?

“We don’t hire employees at ESPN, we bring on new family, because that is what we are,” said Franco.

Guidelines for Applying to ESPN:

*Keep resumes to just ONE page

*What to include:

1. Education

2. Experience or Related Experience

a. Internships

b. Shadowing

3. Social Media Skills, which ones are you proficient in?

4. Related Technical Skills (If you’re looking for a production position)

5. Leadership, mentoring & volunteerism

6. Computer Skills