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Lights Resolve to Rock Vance Lawn This Saturday

By Max Kyburz

New York alt-rockers Lights Resolve are set to play a free show on Vance Lawn this Saturday evening as part of the Pringles Xtreme Campus Tour, a 15-stop tour that features We the Kings and J. Cole as headliners. Though the two top billings will not be present at this event, those willing to check out some free music should not be discouraged.

Formed in 2006, Lights Resolve have certainly made the rounds; the band has already opened for the Used and Panic! at the Disco, has had their songs appear on two MTV shows (one of them featuring everyone’s favorite Italian orange Smurfs), and has been featured in Rolling Stone magazine as a Breakout Band in 2009. The band has only two EPs released, Prelude and Currency, which have gone on to sell a combined total of 10,000 copies worldwide.

When listening to Lights Resolve, one can hear a myriad of influences; they have been likened bands such as The Who, Muse, and Sigur Ros. Lights Resolve possesses a unique and progressive sound while maintaining an accessible, stadium-ready feel.

The Pringles Xtreme Campus tour kicks of this Wednesday, and one of the first stops on its list is CCSU. The tour is sponsored by Late Night Republic, a new weekly variety show hosted by Jake Sasseville , who will also be present at the event. Sasseville will be interacting with students as part of the program, so those wanting their chance to be on TV are cordially invited. The concert will feature exhibitions from tour sponsors, which include Pringles, FRS, SPIN Magazine and Gibson Slacklines.

The festivities begin at 2 p.m. this Saturday, and Lights Resolve will go on at 5 p.m. Vance Lawn is located directly in front of Memorial Hall and Vance Academic Building.

Big D and the Kids Table to Perform at the Webster

By Matt Kiernan

Ska-punk band Big D and the Kids Table is scheduled to perform at the Webster Underground in Hartford this Friday, Sep. 24., alongside other alternative rock acts that include Tip the Van, the Prozacs and Knightsbridge Fiasco.

Big D is planning to release their seventh full-length album this fall, titled, The Damned, The Dumb, and the Delirious.

The band has performed with such punk-inclined bands as Rancid, the Dropkick Murphys and Reel Big Fish, and have regularly played on the Warped Tour.

Big D have been performing together since 1995, and released their first full-length studio album, Shot by Lammi, in 1997. Their last album in 2009, Fluent in Stroll, has a title that refers to its mix of multiple genres that include reggae and soul.

The Webster show is one of eight performances by Big D, mostly based in the northeast, followed by a show at the Pearl Street Club in Northampton, Mass. this Saturday. The tour is scheduled to end in Boston, Mass. at the Paradise Rock Club Oct. 31.

The doors open at 7 p.m. and tickets can be purchased for $13 in advance by visiting the Webster’s website at www.webstertheater.com.

Tickets for the show can also be won by listening to the campus radio station WFCS 107.7, Wednesday night, Sep. 22, and calling 860-832-1077 when asked.

Reborn Filter Ready to Headline Hartford Block Party

Richard Patrick Talks New Album, Filter’s Return to a Classic Sound and More

By Michael Walsh

For Filter frontman Richard Patrick, 2010 is all about a return to the style of music that helped make the industrial rock band one of the music world’s most fearless bands in the mid-nineties.

“We wanted to really remind people of our now classic sound of the band since we’re now so old,” said Patrick. “This was the return to the full-on Title of Record, probably our most popular record, and it was just important to get back to that.”

Filter, who is set to headline the “Block Out Block Party” on Allyn Street in Hartford Friday night, released The Trouble with Angels, their fifth album, on Tuesday.

But for Patrick and the band, the return to a sound more similar to the band’s roots wasn’t met with complete ease. The first single, “The Inevitable Relapse,” had some critics questioning the choice to use auto-tune as a vocal effect.

“The only reason why we did it was because we thought it was fun. There’s nothing more beyond,” said Patrick. “People are like ‘Wow, what are they doing, oh my god, is this some kind of attempt to get to the kids?’ I’m like oh my god, stop talking, you’re such a ****ing puritanical.”

“The funny thing is it’s the only time I’ll probably ever do it. It’s not me, but it was interesting for what I was doing at that particular time in the song. It’s only 16 bars. Get the **** over it. I’m not even that precious about my voice,” said Patrick.

Patrick went on to admit that he can understand the reaction as it was the first single released from the new album and that he puts his fans through a lot. He canceled a tour supporting the band’s 2002 record The Amalgamut and was unable to support the album. He then came back in 2006 with the completely new band Army of Anyone, a group comprised of Stone Temple Pilots brothers Robert and Dean DeLeo and Ray Luzier, who is now with Korn. After 2008’s tribute-style album Anthems for the Damned, Patrick gave his fans what they wanted.

“I give them a little old school but I throw on a little effect. It could have been a vocoder, it could have been any little thing sitting there. It was probably the first thing that popped up when we scrolled down in effects on the Macintosh,” said Patrick. “But because I deviated from the pattern and tried to hinge it in 2010 it became this massive thing. It’s just ridiculously funny.”

The attempt at something new shouldn’t come as a huge surprise for fans, as Patrick has a history of changing styles from mellow to heavy and being an eclectic musician.

“Back in 1997 my label was like ‘So, let’s hear the record.’ And I played them a little bit. They were like ‘It’s a pretty big departure from ‘Hey Man, Nice Shot.’ Even on that record [Title of Record] I had some mellow songs like “Stuck in Here” or “So Cool,” said Patrick. But you know what, I said ‘You signed an artist, and I want to be an artist.’ I envisioned people moving out of a genre and kind of owning different songs. I didn’t get into music to conform to some niche in society.”

“Like ‘Fades Like a Photograph,’ there’s not one electric guitar in there. It’s all acoustic and that’s like the first time I’ve really done that since Short Bus,” said Patrick. “Just don’t box me in. Don’t box me in.”

Friday night’s show will be the band’s first on-stage appearance since the release of their newest album.

“We’re looking forward to it. We have noticed, and this is a great thing for us, there’s a lot of people that want us to play the new stuff,” said Patrick. “So we’re actually going to pull out a few new ones from the record and eventually, we’re gonna add two more songs. And plenty of old stuff. We even brought out ‘Under’ for the first time in a long time.”

And when Patrick takes the outdoor stage in Hartford, it will be a lot easier and more fun for him than it was during his early years.

“Back then it was just so brutal. I was always hungover or I was always really drunk. Living in that world there’s a ton of anxiety that goes with that. There’s all kinds of issues,” said Patrick. “I was always forgetting lyrics in a bad way. It was very hard to get up there and sing and do everything. Now it’s just really easy, it’s just really fun. I get up there and sing and it’s a joy, it’s amazing.”

Patrick is quick to admit how the quality of the shows have risen over the years, lending thanks not only to the in-ear monitors, but to the group of musicians he has surrounded himself with.

“I’m super proud of the record. It’s just really fun to be in this band and it’s really fun to be with these guys too. I’ve surrounded myself with some really talented guys,” said Patrick of drummer Mika Fineo, bassist Phil Buckman and guitarist Rob Patterson.

“[Rob and Phil] have great voices and have such unbelievable chops on their instruments. I’m also proud of Mika Fineo because Mika played all the drums on this record. And this is his record. So it’s as just as much his as it is mine and all the other folks that worked on it,” said Patrick.

Admission to the block party, which starts at 5 p.m., is free before 7 p.m. Tickets from 7 p.m. and on will cost $15.

WATCH: Filter performing “Drug Boy” off their new album in Corpus Christi, Texas on 7/25/10.

CT Bands to Compete for Warped Tour Slot

Winners will have the opportunity to play with acts such as The Dillinger Escape Plan.

By Matt Kiernan

Local Connecticut bands will be given a chance to perform on the Vans Warped Tour when it passes through in July, with a first round competition this Saturday at the Space.

The competition, which is titled the 2010 East Coast Indie Stage Battle of the Bands, is accepting submissions from bands that are looking to perform Warped when it comes to Hartford’s Comcast Theater on July 11.

Those who win the competition will be given the opportunity to perform alongside acts such as Andrew W.K., Motion City Soundtrack, Sum 41 and the Dillinger Escape Plan.

Warped Tour for the most part features pop punk and alternative rock influenced bands. The tour was established in 1995 and can have shows with over-100-band lineups. This year’s schedule is no exception.

The inclusion of more indie bands may be due to the fact that Warped has been adding more of a variety of bands from different genres in recent years. This has included the genres of hip-hop, indie rock and reggae.

Bands interested in competing are being asked to e-mail ted@eastcoastindependent.com to enter.

Tickets for the competition are going for $12, and the doors open at 4 p.m. The Warped Tour Hartford show tickets are currently on sale for $28 on ticketmaster.com.

Marco Benevento To Promote New Album With Main Pub Show

By Michael Walsh

Experimental jazz pianist Marco Benevento will be playing The Main Pub in Manchester, Conn. on Friday May 7 in support of his latest album, Between the Needles and Nightfall.

Benevento will be aided by his trio, made up of The Slip members Marc Friedman (bass) and Andrew Barr (drums) and Benevento himself.

Benevento is a staple in the New York music scene, making a name for himself with his psychedelic and modern jam-inspired jazz playing and his endless list of musical collaborations. Benevento has played with a number of highly skilled musicians in the jam band and jazz genres, including Tea Leaf Green’s Reed Mathis, Charlie Hunter and memorable tour with the band GRAB, which matched Benevento up with Joe Russo and Phish’s Trey Anastasio and Mike Gordon.

The New Jersey-born pianist also worked on the latest album from jazz band Garage a Trois, Power Patriot, with Mike Dillon (Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade), Stanton Moore (Galactic) and Skerik. In addition, Benevento has recorded four solo albums and four albums with Joe Russo as the Benevento/Russo Duo.

Among Benevento’s most outstanding work is his Live at Tonic album, which in rare fashion happened to be his debut solo recording. Live at Tonic was recorded throughout a string of November 2006 shows in New York City and featured many of the aforementioned guests.

Benevento set up shop at Sullivan Hall, a Greenwich Village music space, to run a residency of performances where the promiment modern jazz musician invited all of his musical friends to jam along with him. Benevento had the shows recorded, which led to the creation of his first DVD, Live in NYC: The Sullivan Hall Residency, a series of performances that matches up with Live at Tonic on the visual side.

Drum and bass artist Wyllys from Chicago is set to be Benevento’s opener. The 21+ show starts at 9:30 p.m. with tickets running only $12 a piece.

OK Go Come to New Haven Wednesday

By Matt Kiernan

Indie rockers OK Go are to perform at Toad’s Place Wednesday night, having just released their third album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, and are being supported by the classic rock sounding acts of Earl Greyhound and The Booze.

Seeing as OK Go combines many influences from the ’60s and ’70s into their music, it’s not a surprise that they would be backed up by bands that are fans of similar bands.

OK Go became an Internet sensation with the music video for their song, “Here It Goes Again,” a video that features the band dancing on treadmills with innovative choreography. The video eventually won them a Grammy Award in 2007 for “Best Short Form Music Video.”

The band ended their deals with record labels Capital and EMI Records last month to form their own label, Paracadute Recordings, and re-released their newest album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.

Earl Greyhound bases their sound in the music of the 1970s, while The Booze have music like that of the early Rolling Stones in the 1960s.

Tickets are $15 in advance and on the day of the show, with the doors opening at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m.

All three bands are on tour together until mid-May throughout the northeast and south with their next stop in New York, N.Y. on Thursday.

Titus Andronicus to Rock Toad’s Sunday

By Matt Kiernan

Indie rock group Titus Andronicus will be coming to Toad’s Place next Sunday, April 11 in promotion of their new politically charged album, The Monitor, with support from the indie pop group the Babies.

Titus Andronicus have a very in-your-face indie rock sound that can be more aggressive than other bands in the genre performing today. While the lead singer’s screams are full of anger, he’s also heartfelt in his approach, with many parts of the bands’ songs slowing down for quieter moments.

The Babies are a combination of members from indie pop band the Vivian Girls, and indie folk band Woods. The band has a noisier indie pop sound, taking instances of the Vivian Girls and a road that leads more toward garage rock.

My Heart of Joy, based out of Kensington, Conn. will be the show’s opener; this comes after the band had to cancel a show at the URI coffee house that was scheduled on the same night.

The band takes a very alternative rock/emo approach to their music, with the lead singer screaming often in the same sense that the singer from Andronicus does, which should be a good match-up for those who are fans of Andronicus.

Tickets cost $10 before and on the day of the show, with the doors opening at 7 p.m. and the show predicted to start at 8 p.m.

Radio Station to Host Metal Fest Wednesday

By Matt Kiernan

WFCS 107.7 will host Metal Fest this Wednesday in support of the station and to promote local metal bands from around the Connecticut area.

The free concert, which will run from 7:30 until close in Alumni Hall, will feature headliner The Breathing Process and Engraved, Attentat and Age of Deception.

“The whole reason we’re doing this is to draw more listeners to our radio,” said PR Director of WFCS Nicholas Menapace, who put the festival together.

There are connections between the bands and the radio station, with a few members of Attentat attending CCSU and a member of Engraved being a member of the radio station.

The concert is expected to have a large audience at Metal Fest, whose Facebook event page indicates that almost 100 people will attend. The last time the concert was held was two years ago.

Original planning for this year’s Metal Fest started in spring of last year and was expected to be put on during Nov. or Dec., but there were scheduling problems of bands that were supposed to perform.

There were many other bands that asked to be on the bill to perform, but there wasn’t enough room for all of them, so the bands were cut down to four.

“If I wanted I could have eight of these concerts,” said Menapace because of the number of bands he knows in the local area who’d be happy to perform.

Many of the bands that asked to be put on the bill weren’t doing it for the money, but for their music to be heard. The amount of money it took to book the bands wasn’t much because Menapace knew members of the them.

“We’ve been excited about doing this for a while,” said Menapace.

Tickets to heavy metal concerts at the Palladium and Webster will be given away at the concert.

K’naan and Wale Rap at Toad’s Friday

By Matt Kiernan

Underground rappers K’naan and Wale will be co-headlining a concert at Toad’s Place this Friday for a night of rap performances that are alternative in their beats and vocal styles.

K’naan’s songs provide an interesting twist to their beats, using sounds from his national heritage of Somalia. Both artists take a turn into discussing politics in their lyrics, as well as everyday life.

K’naan released his second album Troubadour in 2009, with the album featuring artists such as Mos Def and Damian Marley.

Wale released his debut album Attention Deficit in 2009 as well, containing the first single, “Chillin,” which was supported by the appearance of Lady Gaga. At its highest popularity it reached 99 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Both artists worked together on the track “Um’Ricka,” off the Wale mixtape Back to the Feature.

Opening acts John Forte and Tabi Bonney will be warming up the crowd with their equally significant styles of underground rap.

K’naan and Wale will be touring together on their Trophey Tour throughout the east coast and midwest, ending in Columbus, OH.

The doors open at 8:00 p.m. with the show starting at 9:00 p.m. Tickets will be running $20 in advance and $25 the day of the show.

Alkaline Trio to Headline at the Webster

Cursive to Open

By Matt Kiernan

The pop-punk/emo band Alkaline Trio will be supported by the indie rock veterans Cursive on March 9 at the Webster Theatre, with both bands being on tour throughout the country in the coming months.

Alkaline Trio is on tour in support of their new album This Addiction, which was released last week.

Trio increased their notoriety in 2001 with their album, From Here to Infirmary, which made it to number 199 on the Billboard 200. Since then, Trio has released successful records such as 2003’s Good Mourning and 2005’s Crimson.

Cursive released their latest album, Mama, I’m Swollen, in 2009 on Saddlecreek Records.

Cursive made a breakthrough in 2000 with the release of their album Domestica. The band has continued their success with the releases of 2003’s Ugly Organ and 2006’s Happy Hallow.

Alkaline Trio and Cursive will be supported by the pop-punk/emo band Dear and Departed from Orange County, Ca. The band released their first full-length album, Something Quite Peculiar, in 2007 on the record label Record Collection Music.

Departed will be continuing their tour with Trio and Cursive, following the Webster show, ending their dates with a show in Las Vegas, and splitting off on their own to tour in Europe.

According to their Myspace page, D&D are accepting donations after their van was broken into and left them “completely cleaned out.”

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and tickets may be purchased through the Webster’s Web site for a general admission of $18.50.