Tips To Avoiding The Holiday Weight Gain

November 28th, 2011
5 years ago

By Sarah Bogues With the holidays quickly approaching, eating healthy and working out is a far stretch for the average person. Most either give up on their healthy regiments or “postpone” it till the New Year due to candy, cookies, and sweets. Holidays, parties, and social gatherings all seem to focus on the food, presenting a […]

20 Under 20: CT Whale Hockey

October 17th, 2011
5 years ago

Hartford hockey and the CT Whale are officially back for the 2011-2012 season, and they are only a mere 11 miles and roughly 18 minutes away from CCSU.

20 Under 20: Pinkberry

October 10th, 2011
5 years ago

I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream. Just take out ‘ice cream’ and insert ‘frozen yogurt,’ and you have yourself a nice chant to Pinkberry’s delicious frozen yogurt.

20 under 20: Lyman Orchards

September 26th, 2011
5 years ago

What’s better than spending an afternoon picking apples, munching on apple cider donuts and choosing the “perfect” pumpkin during this autumn season? Well, at Lyman Orchards, a visitor can do all that plus so much more.

20 Under 20: Talcott Mountain State Park

May 9th, 2011
5 years ago

With summer fast approaching, who wants to stay inside on a sunny and warm Connecticut day?

The only thing inside Talcott Mountain State Park is Heublein Tower, about 1.25 miles up the mountain and a goal for many visitors of the park.

20 Under 20: Farmington Miniature Golf and Ice Cream Parlor

May 6th, 2011
5 years ago

It’s that time of year again, when cravings for delicious treats and fun occur on spring and summer days and nights.

It’s at Farmington Miniature Golf and Ice Cream Parlor that people of all ages can get their fix of some yummy ice cream and a fun miniature golf course.

20 Under 20: Spin Cycle Cafe (and Laundromat)

April 27th, 2011
5 years ago

Located less than two miles from the CCSU campus, the Spin Cycle Cafe and Laundromat helps solve the age-old decision between clean laundry and drinking with friends.

Spin Cycle offers free soap Monday through Friday in addition to nightly entertainment for laundry-doers and non-laundry-doers alike.

20 Under 20: Prime Climb A Fun Way to Stay in Shape

April 6th, 2011
5 years ago

With the winter season coming to an end, why not get out and get in shape for the summer?

At Prime Climb Inc., you can get active and in shape by participating in 40-foot tall rock climbing gyms and challenge courses with helpful lessons by a reputable staff.

20 Under 20: Elizabeth Park Makes for a Sunny Day Getaway

March 13th, 2011
6 years ago

Enjoy nature and seeing over 102 acres of greenhouses and gardens? If so, Elizabeth Park, a city park that holds the country’s oldest municipal rose garden with over 15,000 bushes of 800 rose varieties along with many other gardens and greenhouses, is the place for you.

20 Under 20: Dinosaur State Park

February 21st, 2011
6 years ago

Ever thought it was possible to see real dinosaur tracks? Well, it is at Dinosaur State Park, a government owned facility that has a 200 million year-old fossil track way, interactive exhibits, and live footprints all for the public’s eye.

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