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Closing Remarks: Generation Enough?

Chris Demorro / Special to The Recorder

I like to think of college as more of a learning experience about self than any particular subject, and seeing as the class of 2009 is about to graduate, I feel like reflecting.

Have you asked yourself lately, who am I? It’s a tough question to answer honestly, and it applies on more than just a personal level. What kind of generation will we be remembered as? Tough times tend to make for a stronger, stouter generation than the eras of plenty and too much, but in an odd way, we are now a product of both.

Looking back for a moment, we see that life has a somewhat steep learning curve. The better we get at making ourselves comfortable, the bigger the consequences seem to be (as though the threat of nuclear annihilation wasn’t enough to make humanity to step back and analyze ourselves).

We live in a world where a comfortable minority ignores a suffering majority, even as commercials of crying hungry children desperate for some spare change and clean water are splashed all over Comedy Central during the “South Park” commercial break. But then again, we always think to ourselves, I don’t want to see this; I want to laugh.
I am aware of how tough I have become – tough because sometimes the situation demands it, and mostly because a college degree is depreciating in value. I have hope, despite all of the problems we are inheriting (and our potential to make them worse for the next generation).

But we can change all of that, with a Twitter, a Facebook invite, or an old school AIM message. If we can have flash mob pillow fights in the middle of a mall then I’m sure we can pull together something a little more productive, like cleaning up a local park one day, just for the hell of it. It’s not as though the job market looks sturdy right now; Instead of sitting around lamenting the consequences of our circumstance, we should be out trying new things, making differences, following our dreams. Cubicles be damned!

We have an advantage no other generation has ever had. We can interact with people on the other side of Earth instantly. That means we can talk it out like never before.

We can be individuals without being haters. We can organize and plan and share ideas with like-minded people by doing a casual Google search. Maybe we can see “the other side” a little clearer. Maybe we can make this sometimes sweet and sometimes cruel existence a little better for everyone. Maybe it’s worth a shot.