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Forget About the Freshman Fifteen

Small, Healthy Steps Pay Dividends

By Nick Kane

Have you seen a hot guy or girl that you know in high school leave to go to college and come back for Christmas with a muffin top the size of a wedding cake?

The freshman fifteen can be ugly. The abundance of sugary energy drinks, free pizza, Thursday night “activities,” exam stress, and time constraints can create a lifestyle that leads to an image you might not want to put on a beach next summer. You don’t have to be that student.

Let me clarify that this isn’t a skinny kid preaching to you. I gained a freshman 25 off of Domino’s, Wings, and a few too many late nights playing games that let’s just say you vomit from, but not due to exhaustion or exertion. I feel great after following some basic rules to lose the weight.

Here are a few easy suggestions that anyone with and still have the college experience.

Stay active. You don’t have to start training with the football team, but you should avoid activities with little or no action. If you have the option, you should walk to campus or take the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also do something active with friends instead of playing Madden, Call of Duty, or Halo. At CCSU, wiffle ball, ultimate Frisbee, and basketball games (not to mention the weight rooms) are constantly going on around campus.

Eat in moderation. Instead of having five slices of pepperoni pizza or the DC-10 of wings and a large fry, just order a regular size. This alone will cut out hundreds of calories each week.

East alternatives. Fruit can be an amazing alternative to candy. When your body says “I need candy!” it wants sugar and that same sugar can be found in an apple or orange. Today, many foods also have options with lower carbs, fat, or calories. Students living on campus can replace breaded chicken fingers that can harm your health and waistline with a lunch consisting of fresh chicken, soup, and salad.

Exercise moderation on Thursdays. I would never tell anyone to not go out on a Thursday night, but there seems to be a drinking benchmark held for a “successful night.” The calorie count for this benchmark could include drinking ten or twelve beers. Since most light beers have 100 calories it adds up to 1000 to 1200 calories. And that doesn’t include the Jaeger bombs and body shots you had while pregaming, or the bag of chips you ate when the munchies kicked in. You should still go out and have fun, but avoid drinking yourself into a stupor, which may ruin your slim figure and the next morning.

Eat throughout the day. It can be tough for commuter students who are on campus all day to eat right. Bring some fruit or other healthy snacks to have between classes and the hunger will subside.

They key to maintaining and losing weight is simple, but if you feel more confident with a plan you can look to for college friendly meal plans. If you’re looking for someone to model your diet after, Shaq has Facebook page that is constantly updated so you can “Eat Like the Diesel.”