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Moe’s a Burrito Lover’s Heaven

By Samantha Fournier

When you walk into Moe’s Southwest Grill in Blue Back Square you will be greeted with a “Welcome to Moe’s” from the crew behind the counter. The restaurant exudes instant friendliness.

After deciding what to order from the variations of tacos, burritos, salads, quesadillas, and nachos offered, you’ll wait in the busy front corridor of Moe’s for a burrito artists to address you from behind the open counter.

If you have ordered the burrito, you will get to watch the flour tortilla come out of the steaming press, ready to be piled high with tasty ingredients. Moe’s has something for everyone. Customers have the choice of having grilled chicken, ground beef, tofu, pulled pork or steak with any entrée option on the menu.

By the time the massive burrito ends up on your trey it is been rolled in tinfoil and placed in a black plastic basket and surrounded by warm lightly salted tortilla chips.

At first bite, you may wonder if you will be able to finish the whole thing and you might be surprised when you have made your way to the end of the tinfoil covered burrito without resistance.

If you haven’t had enough to eat by the end of your meal, Moe’s keeps the chips and salsa coming until you’re too full to say “more, please.” The cafeteria-style restaurant is surrounded by warm yellow walls and lined with booths on each side of the room and tables throughout the middle. You may have to fight to get a seat in this place during the lunch rush.

People of all ages enjoy a good meal at Moe’s but the turnover for a free table is pretty quick, so you won’t be waiting too long for a place to sit down with your lunch.

From your table you will have a view of at least one of the two flat screen TV’s and be surrounded by the retro sounds of old school rock and roll. Whether it’s Elvis or Queen booming from the speakers, it adds to the fun, hospitable feel of Moe’s.

If the food wasn’t enticing enough, Moe’s has several deals you can take advantage of. On Moe Mondays you can order a burrito, a drink, and a bag of chips for only $6.99. Tuesdays are just for college students with a special of a burrito with a beer (Moe’s offers Corona, Miller Lite, Miller Chill, Blue Moon, and more) for only $7.99 or a burrito with a soda for $6.99. And if you want to start your Thursdays with a wallet friendly drink, come to Moe’s where all beers are $1.99 all day.

The bottom line is that when you dine at Moe’s you’ll leave happy, not hungry.