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Album Review: Peter Bjorn and John’s ‘Living Thing’

Jason Cunningham / Entertainment Editor

Unfortunately, music listeners have to accept that musicians are people too, and that they’re prone to making huge mistakes. 

Peter Bjorn And John have made the biggest mistake of their career by trying to pass off Living Thing, their fifth studio album, as anything besides an amateurish, unprofessional and uncreative piece of crap. 

Yes, this album does absolutely nothing but insult anyone who actually spends money on purchasing it. Hell, I wouldn’t even recommend downloading this album; it’d just be too much of a waste of time. 

It’s easy to understand where they’re coming from, so overwhelmed by the pop success of 2006’s Writer’s Block that they thought deconstructing their sound would be the only way to combat being placed into a constricting category. 

We saw what was an obvious anti-mainstream protest with their beautifully crafted vinyl-and digital- only release with 2008’s Seaside Roc – a perfect example of how breaking your own established mold can work. 

It’s a shame that this time around, on Living Thing, they’ve allowed themselves to get lazy. 

The album itself sounds as if they wrote and recorded it over a weekend, rushing to form a stripped sound that just doesn’t work, matching that sound with some of the most unintelligent and often times cliché lyrics that the band could offer. 

It’s as if they took everything that was engaging and interesting about their sound and decided to exclude it from this album all-together. 

If their protest to pop music was to alienate anybody who actually tried to listen to this album, they’ve succeeded with flying colors.