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Letter to the Editor

In response to Mr. Dorau’s reply to my article, “A Humble Proposition,” I ask, is there anyone else with a more serious rebuttal?

Mr. Dorau’s primary argument rests upon the athletic department justifying its own existence by providing “free advertising” for the school. In this, he is correct, but has failed to recognize or mention that this advertising appeals primarily to those who wish to attend CCSU for the athletics, not academics. Will an aspiring scientist, teacher or historian be wowed by the fact that CCSU beat Sacred Heart in some ultimately meaningless game? Doubtful. We have seen the result of this: cast a stray glance around campus and chances are you will stumble upon the “socks and sandals” brigade, who no doubt, were wowed by the incredibly impressive athletic showings and decided that they too must attend CCSU. In effect, this advertising is “self contained,” i.e. the advertising garnered from athletic events benefits only the athletic department.

Further, Mr. Dorau contends that since “CCSU isn’t Harvard, Stanford or Yale,” we should not try to “fake it” in aspiring to become something more prestigious. Again, he is partially correct, CCSU is not a top tier school, but that does not mean that we should remain complacent and accepting of the situation at hand. There was nothing “utopian” about my proposal, nor was I advocating for something out of reach. We are fully able to lift ourselves out of the athletic-centered mire that we are in. To expect something more out of my school is not something to be lambasted for.

Since arguments and logic are not things one is able to punt or throw, Mr. Dorau would do well to stay out of adult conversations.

-Joe Zajac