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Integrity Is Key

By Amanda Webster


Having worked on the school newspaper for two years now, I have met and worked along side several students who exemplify the ideal hard-working college student. It never ceases to amaze me how some people manage to juggle five or more classes alongside with work and extra-curricular activities. My staff, for example, is made up of some of the most dedicated students I have had the pleasure to know. It’s when I see these students working so tirelessly that it irritates me to see others on campus wasting their time and complaining about all the homework that their professor assigned them, only to purposely not do it.

I admit, there have been several times during my time here at Central where I have simply not felt like going to class or working on an assignment. Procrastination and I have become very well acquainted with one another since freshman year and I sometimes have gotten too comfortable underneath the deceivingly large shadow of deadline only to find myself awake at 3 am writing a lengthy paper due at 10 am that same morning. However, when it comes down to it, there are very few things that I take more seriously then my education.

Not only do I pay far too much money to constantly skip class, but when will I ever have an opportunity to better myself in my career field with a safety net of sorts underneath me to catch my mistakes? In my opinion, professors are seriously taken for granted. As students, we should be taking every opportunity to get the most out of our education and our money’s worth which includes using our professors as resources. They are teachers for a reason; to teach us what the world will expect from us when we leave with a diploma. To barely show up to class with unfinished homework or half-assed assignments only hurts you as a student in the long run. If you think your class is pointless, you are not making a statement to your professor or class by not showing up. If you are not willing to put an effort into your schoolwork, your professors are not going to chase after you; they don’t care. They are still going to receive a paycheck and they are still going to continue class whether you show up or not.

Take pride in the work you do for class. The attitude you have towards your academics will carry over into your work ethic in real life. It would amaze some to see how willing professors and advisors are to help when they see a student who clearly works hard for their degree. I have heard horror stories about bad advising on this campus and I understand that some students are genuinely victims of poor academic advising, which can sour attitudes towards academia. If you have had a bad experience with a professor or advisor, I urge you to not take that as a reflection of the University. In my experience, if you are willing to work for what you want, you will undoubtedly run into the right people.

Your work in class speaks to your character, and professors take notice, which means your future employers take notice. Students should take their academic integrity as seriously as a full-time job. After all, being a student is a full-time responsibility and can either help or hurt you after your four years here. I know the weather is still beautiful, but get to class.