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Youth Alumni Council Gives Back

Sean Begin

The CCSU Young Alumni Council successfully held their “Fill the Trunk” fundraiser before the Blue Devils football game on Saturday.

The fundraiser collected back-to-school supplies in the trunk of a car for donation to Smalley Academy, a local K-5 school that employs a high number of CCSU alumni, including the school’s principal.

“It’s been awesome,” said Kate Daley, a 2009 CCSU alumni and founding member of the YAC. “The turnouts been great. We’ve gotten crayons, pencils, highlighters; a couple people even donated backpacks.”

The YAC seeks to connect young alumni with older alumni and also serves as a way for the young alumni to network with each other, in an effort to find ways to give back and stay involved with CCSU.

“As someone who just graduated, it’s really nice that I don’t have to go a long time without being involved with this school,” said Kayla Smith, another founding YAC member and 2012 graduate.

“It’s [the YAC] giving young people an opportunity to not give back in the same way the older alumni do because we don’t necessarily have the funds they do,” said Smith.

Being recent graduates, these alumni don’t necessarily have the resources to give back in a way established alumni traditionally do, such as financial donations for school upgrades.

“One of our main goals was to find different things that we can do as a young alumni club to give back,” adds Smith. “We’ve been talking and throwing around a lot of ideas but this was the first one that made sense.”

The fundraiser – and events like the happy hour get together for young alumni held at Agave (owned by CCSU graduates) earlier this semester – are just some of the YAC’s efforts to achieve their goal.

While still a newer organization, the YAC members are already finding benefits from being involved with the group.

“I’ve already been able to meet a good number of young alumni who I didn’t know when I was at Central and in addition been able to help out, like with here,” said Smith.

The Young Alumni Council is expecting to host similar events in the future, in a further effort to connect and involve the young recent graduates of CCSU.