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Students Share Tailgating Traditions

Do you love tailgating? Well, CCSU students do. And why wouldn’t they? There’s beer, games and food, all before an exciting game of football.

If you’re planning on going to Homecoming this weekend, here’s some game-day favorites from students around campus.

Beer! It seems as though our CCSU peers are favoring Bud Light; and whether it’s for the taste or the affordability, it was the first choice to come out of most. Sam Adams Octoberfest was a close second, being a tasty Fall beer.

Students may (or may not be) using said beer to drink while playing during some of the following…

Games! Beer Pong, the classic drinking game, was the first game that came to mind for many excited students. However, KanJam, a rapidly-growing frisbee game, and Cornhole, commonly known as “that hacky-sack game” tied for another popular tailgating activity.

And of course you can’t forget the tasty,Blue tailgating treats…

Food! Get out the grill and grab some buns because the iconic burger and dog duo is the choice for Blue Devil fans. Add some pretzels and chips to your plate, and you’re ready to eat!

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy some of your favorite food, drinks and games this weekend while showing off your Blue Devil pride! Send us pictures of your favorite moments of Homecoming Game Day! Tweet us @TheRecorder and maybe you’ll end up in next week’s issue!