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Evie Rentzel Proves To Be An Asset For The Blue Devils

Amanda Webster

When first sitting down with Evie Rentzel, it is hard to imagine the shy, mild-mannered smiling freshman as a fierce competitor on the CCSU softball team, but throughout the season Rentzel has proven that while on the field she is a force to be reckoned with.
Since the age of five, Rentzel has been playing sports. She started with T-ball and has been involved with sports ever since. A love of sports and encouragement from her family has kept her dedicated as an athlete throughout her life.
“When I was little I played soccer and softball, it was just about having fun with my friends and being active,” said Rentzel.
As the starting left-fielder, Rentzel has made her presence known by helping the team make their way to a 10-0 in the NEC and a 20-9 overall. During the last game, she ended the game with a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 8th inning and considers her performance to be one of her personal highlights of the season.
“We just stayed together as a team and had totally confidence in each other that even though the other team came back and tied it up, we knew we were going to pull out the win,” she explained.
Softball’s Head Coach Jeffery Franquet said that he expects Rentzel to continue to make progress with the team and is excited to see how she develops as a player.
“Evie is as athletic as they get,” said Franquet. “There are still some things that we need to fine tune with her and that comes with maturity,” he said of Rentzel, who is one of four starting freshmen.
“Literally, you get every ounce of her being every single day at practice and at games,” stated Franquet. “She is very intense, to say that she is a perfectionist would be a huge understatement.”
Although being a perfectionist can work against athletes at times, Rentzel’s attitude has proven to pay off. During the week of March 11, Rentzel was named the Northeast Conference Rookie of the Week.
“I definitely  wasn’t expecting it,” said Rentzel.
Recruited from her hometown in Penn., Rentzel played softball for Northern York High School where she was named Mid-Penn Conference Colonial Division First Team All-Star. Her talent has only continued to shine since joining the Blue Devils which is obvious with her .397 batting average.
To stay motivated during both games and practices, Rentzel says she focuses on what her teammates need from her.”I really want to do well, not only for me but for the team. If I don’t get the hit I need or something, I know they’ll be there to pick me up.”
“She’s just clutch,” stated Franquet. “She’s been clutch for us all year and we have no doubt that she’ll continue to be clutch for us…you’re not going to meet a better kid.”