Flying Your Way To A Future

by Alonso Velasquez  & Kimberly Pena

Studying abroad does not only allow students to explore the world, but also helps students to graduate and seek employment after college, according to data from Central Connecticut State University’s Center for International Education. 

According to a CIE PowerPoint presentation, 97 percent of students who study abroad find employment within 12 months of graduation, compared to only 49 percent of those who do not study abroad. 

That is why the CIE found it extremely important to still host its Study Abroad Fair, even after being postponed due to a snowstorm. The CCSU Study Abroad fair took place at the Bellin Gallery from 2-5 p.m. on Feb. 14. Despite the delay, the event went on without major changes or cancellations by presenters.

The goal of the fair according to Erin-Leigh Beecher, Coordinator of International Education, was “to encourage students to have an international experience while they do their undergrad or graduate program at CCSU.”

Jayline Johnson, a CCSU junior, believes studying abroad benefits students in variety of ways, and there is no limit to what one can learn in a new country.

“I think studying abroad is a good opportunity for someone to experience a new culture.” said Johnson. “It is a good opportunity to learn a new language, or if you already know the language, to get better at it.” 

The fair had a variety of options for whatever type of traveler you are, ranging from two week programs to year long ones. For those wanting to stay in a foreign university with language not being a barrier, there is the University of Hertfordshire in England. This is a semester year long program where students can hop on a train and be in London within 20 minutes.

Those who want to travel around a country, there is a two week summer program in Vietnam where students focus on exploring Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, where the economic centers of the rapidly growing Tiger economy.

Also for those seeking an adventure thrill, there is a joint trip to Botswana, Namibia and Zambia, where students will lodge in tents as they explore the center of game in Africa.

There are about over 10 study abroad programs ready to embark their travels this upcoming spring break, such countries include; Spain, Denmark, Peru, South Africa and several others.

In regards to the CIE PowerPoint, students who study abroad develop cross-cultural skills and understanding, and develop the ability to reconcile their own and competing perspectives on global issues.

According to CIE, a student is 19 percent more likely to graduate from college if he/she studies abroad.

“Study abroad increases the six year graduation rate by 19 percent and the four year graduation rate by 15 percent,” said on the PowerPoint.

With that data, CIE enforces the idea that a student should at least study abroad once during their college years to expose themselves to different scenarios, and the ability to build their skills in the work field.

Only one percent of college students in America study abroad. CIE wants Central students to view studying abroad as not as an expense, but as an investment.

CCSU student Johnny Collado, talked about his experience studying abroad for a year in Salamanca. He picked the trip over buying a new car, and he has yet to regret that decision.

In places like Salamanca, students can decide between staying in the university or rooming with others in the city. In Salamanca and Kansai Gaidai, students can choose for how long they want their stay to be for, ranging from a few weeks to a full year.

For further information on how to study abroad, you can contact CIE at (860)-832-2040 or visit them in Barnard Hall, room 123 from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

War and Peace in Syria

by Humera Gul

The “War and Peace in Syria” seminar at Central Connecticut State University was an informed and educated discussion about the ongoing war in Syria, where students were enlightened about the hidden truths.

The main speaker at the event, Joesph Daher, talked about the issues and continuous clashes in Syria.

Syria has been torn by war for more than five years. In March of 2011, pro-democracy protests erupted across Syria. The protests were meant to bring true democracy to the country.

The protest was said to have started when several Syrian teenagers were arrested for painting revolutionary slogans on walls. After this form of written protest, riot police in Syria opened fire on peaceful demonstrators and ultimately killed several people.

As this continued, people loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad fought against the democratic people.

“In Syria, most people are considered conservative in their religious belief, but this does not mean they want to live in a religious state,” said Daher.

Syria’s conflict is divided by three armies: the Syrian Regime, the Free Syrian Army and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The Syrian Regime army is a strict Shia group that does not want the people to be democratic. The Syrian Regime wants al-Assad to rule. They are relentless in their murders, and have used many illegal weapons against their own people.

The Free Syrian army is comprised of people that reject the dictatorship and want a free country.

ISIS is a terrorist group that is mostly comprised of Sunni extremists. Members of the group tend to finds shelter in unstable governments.

“I feel that the conflict in Syria has been one of the most tragic failures of democratic progression in recent history, as well as a failure of global cooperation to curb human atrocities,” said Central Connecticut State University student Dante Parleche. “I think that the United States is unsure on how to proceed, which has only worsened the situation in Syria.”

Countries including Bahrain, Egypt, Libya and Yemen have also dealt with the Arab Spring revolution.

Most Arab countries took part in World War I and lost.

After the end of World War II, France and England were destroyed, and they left the Arab countries to rebuild their homes.

The leaders France and England elected, who were foreign to these countries, were left to take on the responsibilities and problems of each respective country.

These leaders and their heirs are the ones being overthrown today across the Arab peninsula.

The Free Syrian Army forces are creating more division today, acting as a more hierarchical and structured rebel coalition.

The United States has been preventing the provision of certain weapons to Free Syrian Army groups, as they are seen as harmful to the Syrian people rather than helpful.

Hazbeins, people of Hazbollah, blame this conflict as a Sunni revolution, and compare the situation with Iraq’s past revolution.

In Syria, the issue is not social, economical or political. Rather, they have a sectarian issue which is not getting resolved.

“Any occurrence of oppression crosses, at least it should, any sort of cultural difference and I believe that as a human being, these actions should not be permitted,” said Parleche.

Many countries continue to oppose each other today; Iran, Russia and Hazbollah as a resistance and Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and some Western countries are for a reinstituted country.

The problems in Syria today continue, along with others across the Middle East.

A Streak Unlike Any Other

by Tyler Roaix

The University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball team made history reaching a 100 game winning streak, after their defeat against sixth ranked South Carolina. The streak has built up over the past three seasons, and has brought UConn two national championships.

If there is anything this streak has proven, it’s that UConn has had its sport under it’s control since Geno Auriemma took over as head coach. Much like Alabama has controlled college football or how the Yankees controlled baseball. But somehow, this seems almost more impressive.

It isn’t just the fact that the Huskies won 100 games in a row. It’s the fact that they have crushed pretty much everyone in their way. Of the 100 games, a whopping 71 of them were victories by at least 30 points. Just two wins were by less than 10 points. All in all, their average margin of victory during the streak has been 38.4 points. Just to add insult to injury, nine of the wins came against teams ranked third or better, with the smallest margin of victory in those games being just six points.

This isn’t the first time the Huskies have went on a long winning streak. In fact, they now hold four of the top five longest win streaks in women’s college basketball history, all of which have happened since the 2001-2002 season. This streak began in 2014 after a two-point loss to Stanford.

The craziest part about this UConn team is not only how good they are, but also the fact that they are only going to get better. They have just three seniors on their roster. Saniya Chong is the only senior actually in the starting lineup. Of course, Auriemma has the best of the best at the high school level coming in next season, including Megan Walker, who’s is widely known as the best high school player in the country.

Critics will argue that the lack of competition in women’s college basketball takes away from the impressiveness of the streak. But let’s be honest, over a streak of 100 games, it’s really easy to have a bad game and slip up. Maybe you just get outplayed one night or someone makes a crazy shot to win the game. But nothing like that has happened. The bottom line is that UConn has played near perfect basketball over the past three years. That has nothing to do with the competition, that’s just how good the Huskies are.

Who knows when the streak will end, if at all this year. It’s more than likely UConn will be taking their usual place, cutting down the nets, at the end of the tournament in April. Say what you will about women’s college basketball, but this 100 game win streak is the latest step in a long line of dominance by the Huskies.

Russian Spy Ship Spotted Near Groton

by Humera Gul

A Taste From The Past


by Kimberly Pena

For over a century, Avery’s Beverage has proven to be a soda company that has flourished by using its old manufacturing methods. Sherman F. Avery began making soda in a red barn on Corbin Ave, New Britain, in the summer of 1904. Ever since, Avery’s has continued to produce its organic sodas the same way.

The company starts by making its soda with 750 pounds of real cane sugar mixed with water. It then adds flavoring to the syrup mix, which is poured into the bottles with carbonated water. Shake the bottle and the soda is ready to go.

As simple as this may sound, it is hard labor. All the machines are old-fashioned and manual. Yet, the employees feel it’s an honor to work in such an historic barn.

Manny Ramirez has worked at Avery’s for five years as its soda labeler. In an average day, he labels from 1,440 to 3,000 soda bottles. He loves doing it.

“I love working here,” said Ramirez with a smile. “I can’t really ask for nothing better. Customers come in here asking for you, making you feel right at home. Not many people my age can say they do what I do.”

When you first walk into the business, it does not look like a contemporary store. The lights are dimmed, but the countless colorful soda bottles brighten the room. On the far right side, the company’s machines are laid out, and the bottles clink against one another as they are being sterilized for production use.

The barn’s original appearance has not changed. It seems as if you are entering a store of the past.

“Coming in here is like coming to a time capsule, like whoa, it’s pretty cool,” said Ramirez.

Avery’s Beverage only location is here in New Britain, however, the company sells its soda around the United States and Canada. It typically sells to candy shops, restaurants and retail stores such as, Stew Leonard’s.

According to Rob Metz, the current owner of Avery’s Beverage, the company offers more than 50 flavors ranging from blue raspberry to birch beer.

Customers from all around love the soda and try their best to come buy whenever they can.

“It is the only soda company that has organic soda,” said Anthony Franco, a regular Avery’s customer. “I try to come here four times a week or as much as I can.”

Single soda bottles are sold at one dollar, six-packs are sold for five dollars and a whole case containing 24 bottles is sold at $16.

Every Saturday the company invites children and adults to come into the business and make their own soda. A minimum of five people and a maximum of 20 people can come in and invent their own flavors and name them. Afterward, they bring three soda bottles and their own soda maker’s apron back home. It costs $11.50 per person.

Much of the sodas and names the children have come up with has been used for the business. “Dog Drool” and Toxic Brain-Juice” are a couple of the notable sodas that have come about from this Saturday program.

If you are interested in planning a visit, Avery’s Beverage is located at 520 Corbin Ave, New Britain, CT 06052. To make an appointment to invent your own soda, you can contact them at (860) 224-0830.

Premier League Match-ups

by Evan Sobol

The biggest matchup of the weekend was Tottenham Hotspur visiting Liverpool at Anfield. The Reds scored early goals and used great defense to win 2-0, following their defeat last week at Hull.

Liverpool’s Sadio Mane had an excellent first half, scoring both of the Reds’ goals. The first came in the minute 16. Midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum provided an excellent through pass for Mane from midfield. The Senegal international then ran past the Spurs’ defense and shot into the left side of the net. He scored again just two minutes later, off a deflection by Tottenham’s goalkeeper. Hugo Lloris made two excellent saves, but was unlucky after his second bounced into the possession of Mane who fired it into the net from short range. It was Mane’s 11th Premier League goal of the season. The forward had two more opportunities just a few minutes later, that were both saved by Lloris.

The Spurs’ recorded just two shots on goal, while also recorded just three corners compared to Liverpool’s ten. In minute 26, midfielder Son Heung-Min met a pass by Ben Davies in the box, but the attempt was saved by Simon Mignolet. Christian Eriksen missed a free kick in the second half that went right over Liverpool’s goal.

With the victory, Liverpool sits just one point behind Arsenal and Tottenham with 49. It was their first since Dec. 31. They have stayed in the title race, thanks to draws against Manchester United and Chelsea.

Mane is currently the leading scorer for the club, and has played well with Firmino and Coutinho at striker position. The three have scored a combined 24 goals this season. Manager Jurgen Klopp should continue using this formation if they hope to push for the top of the table. With 54 goals, Liverpool is tied with Arsenal for the most in the league. The Reds’ next match is at defending champions Leicester City on February 27. The Foxes have lost five straight.

The Spurs still sit at second with 50 points following the loss. They have been tested in each of their last four matches; they escaped with a win at home last week with a penalty kick by Harry Kane. Kane is still one of the best forwards in the league, racking up a total of 14 goals. The player to look out for down the stretch is Son. He got off to a great start with the club, scoring four goals in September. He has scored just three since. If he can get back on track, Kane and Dele Alli will get more goal opportunities. Tottenham’s next fixture is Feb. 26 against ninth-place Stoke City.

Manchester United continued their impressive unbeaten streak with a 2-0 win against Watford.

The Red Devils got on the board in minute 32, with a short-range goal by midfielder Juan Mata. Anthony Martial set up the score with a low cross into the box. It was Mata’s sixth goal of the season. Martial added to the goal tally with a short-range goal at the hour mark. The France international shot into the left side of the net. Watford goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes, had his vision blocked by midfielder Craig Cathcart. This left the goal open for Martial. It was the forward’s third league goal of the season.

Watford recorded just nine shots total. Midfielder Jose Holebas missed an attempt from the left side of the box in the minute 18. The shot went far-right of the goal. The visitor’s closest opportunity came in at minute 53 on a free kick from just outside the box. Mauro Zarate fired a shot into the upper left corner of the net. United goalkeeper De Gea blocked attempt.

United stayed at sixth in the table with the victory. They currently have 48 points and sit just two points behind second-place Tottenham. They have not lost a match since October 23. They can still push Chelsea for the top spot and look to get secure a spot in the Champions League next season with a top-four finish. It would be their first appearance in the competition since 2015. If De Gea continues his great goalkeeping and the midfield has good chemistry with the forwards, they will be a team to watch out for. Zlatan Ibrahimović sits at tied for third in the league with 15 goals. United’s next match will be against Manchester City.

Watford fell to 13th in the league table with the loss. They have 30 points along with Burnley and Southampton. The Hornets need to give their Forwards more opportunities if they hope to gain spots. The forwards have accounted for just 11 goals this season in 25 matches. Captain Troy Deeney currently has seven and three assists. They host tenth-place West Ham February 25.

50 Shades Darker, or Just Duller

by Sophia Contreras

It’s safe to say that “50 Shades Darker” is not a film you would watch with your parents. If you’ve read the book or were hoping for improvement from the first movie, you will be sadly disappointed, and it will happen fast.

The film lacked an actual deep and interesting plot. Rarely ever does the movie live up to the book, but the movie adaptation of “50 Shades Darker” was just too long to sit through without getting bored.

The film sort of glorifies relationship abuse; a guy sweeps a naive girl off her feet and tries to control every aspect of her life. He orders her food, buys the company she works for to control her and tries to convince her that everything they are doing is perfectly normal, knowing that she doesn’t have enough life experience. They break up at the end of the first movie, and just like every other young naive girl she takes him back because “he is going to change,” we’ve all heard that one before.

Putting Christian Grey aside, the sequel includes another man competing for Anastasia love her boss, who invites her on a supposed business trip in New York and after Christian tell her she can’t go, her boss sexually harasses her.

Besides Anastasia’s new work drama, the film also exposes Christian’s old drama and history of abuse. We are introduced to his biological abusive parents, and to one of ex-submissive who desperate for his attention again. Christian’s mother and ex-submissive both look strikingly alike to Anastasia, making the viewer think that he might have some mommy issues. Christian past put Anastasia into life or death situations, and if you’ve seen the first movie you know how he gets about her safety.

Anastasia is exposed to his past and sees a side of him that disgusts her, however, this still doesn’t stop her feelings for him. Anastasia and Christian get more serious and make big steps in their relationship.

Specifically during Christian’s birthday party, the couple openly expresses their feelings for each other, leaving Christian’s mother to find out about his sexually abusive past with their family friend. The whole family is distraught, and to make things worse, Christian ends up in an awful helicopter accident. When he walks back into his house, he is annoyed that his family was worried. Like all Hollywood movies, despite his freak accident, he only comes out of his accident with a single scratch on his head.

The movie ends on a relatively happy note, but it definitely left space for another two movies. Despite how bad “50 Shades Darker” was, everyone knows that it’s so bad that everyone just has to watch it. Its like “Keeping up with Kardashians” or “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding,” no matter how bad it is, you will never be able to look away or delete all the episodes from your DVR.

Snow Day Fun Day

by Brennah Dallaire

A snow day is the ultimate God sent for those of us that are professional procrastinators. My criteria for a “snow day” is as follows: you have power, school is cancelled for the entire day, and you don’t have to go in to your place of employment.

Some see snow as a burden, and in some regards it is. Eventually when the snow stops falling, you will have to leave your cozy home, dress in multiple layers and break your back shoveling that white frozen water that has fallen from the sky. Don’t get too mad about it.

If you keep a positive outlook on your snow day, you will fulfill all your wildest dreams (well maybe some chores). A snow day is an opportunity to break out those cute L.L. Bean duck boots you haven’t taken out of the box yet. You won’t need to hit the gym because shoveling is all the upper body strength training you need. And it’s good to leave the house and get some fresh air, enjoy the cool weather before you are sweating to death in front of the A/C.

There are however several “ingredients” to making your snow day as beneficial as possible. The first and most important ingredient is coffee. If you can’t safely make it to a local coffee shop, I suggest French pressing a nice bold roast. The caffeine is really going to kick your motivation into over drive. The second ingredient is Wi-Fi or smartphone data. Much of the tasks I like to accomplish on a snow day are online. The third ingredient is not a nap. Plan for a 1-2 hour nap around 1p.m. It’s the perfect time because the daylight will keep you from oversleeping. Lastly, the fourth ingredient is pajamas. Wear your pajamas all day.

The possibilities of what you can accomplish on a snow day are never ending. Procrastinators can catch up on the three chapters they are behind in reading for their International Law course. Netflix aficionados can finally give in and start the 13 seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy” their friends have been pressuring them to watch. Start an Instagram account for your cat or dog, their social media presence is very important. Start up an online business. Try affiliate marketing on a blog or if you have a creative talent make an Etsy account.

Snow days were made to allow you the time to clean your house. If you own your own home, try rearranging your furniture or finally clean the grout in your bathroom. If you live with your parents, help them out by doing the dishes or vacuuming the house.

Try cooking a new dish in your free time. Make it more exciting by free styling in the kitchen by cooking without a recipe and using what you have in your fridge.

I hope these ideas inspired you to make the most of your snow day. You can follow CCSU on Twitter to get the latest school closings and delays.

Jon Leible Leaves Blue Devils Football Program

by Dillon Meehan

Central Connecticut’s offensive line coach Jon Leible has left the program.

The Recorder originally broke the story Monday afternoon and the report was later confirmed by CCSU head coach Peter Rossomando.

“We talked at the end of the season and he really wanted a different experience in coaching. He hasn’t had any other experiences under me,” said Rossomando about Leible’s departure.

According to the source, Rossomando made the announcement to the team this past week.

Rossomando confirmed that Leible and the school had a mutual parting of ways and Rossomando expects him to take another job in the future.

“He’s got a couple things in the works right now that I’m helping him with,” Rossomando added.

Rossomando is currently working as the interim offensive line coach until a new coach is brought in.  However it likely will only be for a short period.

“We’re gonna hire somebody. Hopefully we’ll have someone in the next two weeks,” said Rossomando on the hiring process.

It was a disappointing season for the Blue Devils, who finished 2-9 and 1-5 in NEC play. The Blue Devils were hoping to build on a promising 2015 season that saw them go 4-7 and 3-3 in conference and were in contention for the conference title.

Last season saw the Blue Devils switch up their offensive play calling. In 2015, the team relied heavily on the run game, averaging 130.2 yards per game and only 161.6 pass yards per game. This was mostly due to the Blue Devils relying on a two-quarterback system between freshman quarterbacks Jacob Dolegala and Tavion Pauldo. In split time, Dolegala threw for 1,021 yards, completing 54 percent of his passes while throwing 4 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.

Following Pauldo’s transfer away from the team in the spring of 2016, Dolegala took over as the starter. As the lone starter, he nearly quadrupled his yardage output, throwing for 4,000 yards, while competing 59.7 percent of his passes as well as 15 touchdowns and only 9 interceptions.

As a team, the Blue Devils saw their rushing yards per game decrease from 130.2 to 91.4 and their passing yards per game increase from 161.6 to 267.2. Apart from the drastic differences, starting running back Cameron Nash saw his average yards per carry decrease in 2016, falling from 5.7 yards per carry to 4.2.

Follow The Recorder on social media for updates on the hiring process.

Blue Devils Lose in Crushing Fashion

by Humera Gul

The Central Connecticut State University Mens Basketball team fell to the Sacred Heart Pioneers in a 77-62 loss on Saturday. CCSU struggled to keep a five point lead early on in the game.

There were moments of promise, especially when Mustafa Jones put up six of the eight points CCSU scored. Mustafa Jones shot seven out of 12 from the field. He also had six rebounds, two steals and six blocks. Mustafa Jones is a junior, and has shown much poise and promise in many games this season.

Sacred Heart built a double digit lead in the first half, ass CCSU struggled to score from then on. CCSU’s offense did alright, but had difficulty shooting from the arc. Perhaps we need to work on our three pointers and improve our defense a little. Either shoot better from the arc, or take more shots from the field.

The Blue Devils didn’t get blown out, but they were never able to take the lead again. Hey, The Patriots never had the lead during 60 minutes of the Super Bowl but they won.

Sophomore Austin Nehls was 4-10 from the field. However, he did get two three point shots and was 2 of 2 for foul shots. He had five rebounds, three assists and two steals. On the other side, Sean Hoehn had a tremendous game. He was 5 of 8 from the field and 5 of 6 from the arc. He was unstoppable on his three point shots. He also had four rebounds, two assists and two steals.  He led in points scored, topping out at 27. Another Pioneer that played well was Quincy McKnight. McKnight was 4 of 7 from the field, 2 of 3 from the arc and 1 of 2 for foul shots. He also recorded one rebound, three assists and two steals.

The game was over when the Pioneers led the game by double digits, as high as 74-57 with only one minute 40 seconds to play. Jones tried hard to make a comeback, as he hit a layup with only 23 seconds to play. He led CCSU with 14 points total. CCSU has a long way to go before we can become competitive in basketball. We will improve in due time as our team is still young.

CCSU shot 22 of 51 from the field, only three out of 12 for three pointers and 15 out of 18 at the foul line. The Blue Devils were 30 out of 32 on rebounds. Sacred Heart shot 24 of 51 from the field, 13 of 23 for three pointers and 16 out of 19 at the foul line.

With another loss, CCSU is 5-20 overall and 3-11 in the Northeast Conference. Sacred Heart has won 4 games in a row and improves to 12-15 overall and 7-7 in the NEC.

CCSU plays again on February 16th against Saint Francis University at home. The game is at 7 p.m. Let’s Go Blue Devils!