Meet the Editors

Angela Fortuna, Editor-in-Chief

Major: Journalism


Ruth Bruno, Managing Editor

Major: Journalism


Sarah Willson, News Editor

Major: Journalism


Cindy Pena, Assistant News Editor

Major: Political Science


Natalie Dest, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Major: Journalism


Shaina Blakesley, Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

Major: Journalism


Tyler Roaix, Sports Editor

Major: Journalism


Patrick Gustavson, Assistant Sports Editor

Major: Journalism


Natalia Reyes, Social Media Editor

Major: Journalism


Kristina Vakhman, Copy Editor

Major: Journalism


Olivia Bayer, Assistant Copy Editor

Major: Journalism


Charles Bass, Photographer

Major: Networking Information Technology


Julia Jade Moran, Sports Photographer

Major: Communications

2 thoughts on “Meet the Editors”

  1. Hello,
    I’m a CCSU graduate (master’s degree) and my debut young adult novel is being published by Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books on February 10, 2015. I first got the idea for the novel while enrolled in an Emily Dickinson course with Dr. Melissa Mentzer at CCSU. In fact, she and Dr. Sugg, also from the English Department, are mentioned in the acknowledgements. I thought this might be a good story for your Arts section since my classes at CCSU directly inspired the novel. If you’d like more information about me or the book, please email me at Thanks!


  2. Hey, Let Matt Knox know I thought the article on the Pub in the 10/8 edition of The Recorder was great! It really gave me (and I hope current students) a feel for what it was like to visit The Pub back in the day. Nice job! –Otis Mamed, Student Center Director.

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