Book Review: “Guts” by Kristin Johnston

September 7th, 2015
5 months ago

N.A.S. by Kaitlin Lyle The first time I ever saw Kristin Johnston onscreen, she was busy shrieking her love for a fictional 80’s pop sensation in “Music and Lyrics.” Little did I know that the exuberant lady of laughter was caught in the midst of her own private hell by the time I became acquainted […]

Bookmark it: The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan

January 4th, 2015
1 year ago

By Kaitlin Lyle By the end of our lifetime, each of us will have accumulated a series of love stories, with trials and tribulations alike. How we tell those stories depends on the kind of experience that love gave us. To author David Levithan, love is not just one long story to be dissected, but a […]

Bookmark it: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

January 4th, 2015
1 year ago

By Kaitlin Lyle “The Glass Castle” reads as a brilliant portrait of a family’s loyalty to one another as well as of a writer’s search for liberation. The voice that speaks throughout this memoir is articulated as one of a remarkable woman who has endured much in keeping herself secret, and yet a candid innocence […]

Book Review: Name of Identity

November 3rd, 2014
1 year ago

by Ruth Bruno If you pay any attention at all to current events, I’m sure you’ve wondered at some point what roles religion and identity play in violent behavior. Amin Maalouf explores these questions by offering his own opinions in his book In the Name of Identity (2000). Maalouf briefly explains his multi-dimensional background as […]

Bookmark It!: Sarah’s Key

September 27th, 2014
1 year ago

By Matthew Knox In Sarah’s Key (2008), readers follow Julia Jarmond, an American Journalist living in France. Early in the book we find out that that she is in the process of moving into a new apartment with her husband Bertrand and her daughter Zoe. The apartment once belonged to Bertrand’s Grandmother, who now lives in […]

Bookmark It!: Looking For Alaska

September 13th, 2014
1 year ago

By Matthew Knox  “Looking for Alaska” (2005) is about the journey of a teenage boy named Miles Halter. The book begins with Miles in the midst of switching schools. He is transferring to the Culver Creek Preparatory High school in Alabama, the same school that his father attended. Before leaving, his parents insist on throwing […]

Bookmark It: “Girl, Interrupted” Paints Honest Portrait of Mental Illness

February 26th, 2014
2 years ago

Brayden Malley “Was I crazy? Maybe. Or maybe life is…  Crazy isn’t being broken or swallowing a dark secret.  It’s you or me amplified.”  This embodies the tone of Girl, Interrupted. Susanna Kaysen’s autobiographical novel explores for an answer to the question:  what is crazy? In 1967, 18-year-old Susanna Kaysen found herself somehow in the […]

Bookmark It!: The Sirens of Titan

February 12th, 2014
2 years ago

by Sean Begin After 55 years, Kurt Vonnegut’s novel “The Sirens of Titan” remains not only one of my favorite Vonnegut works, but one of my favorite pieces of fiction–ever. Combining elements of science fiction with his acerbic wit and deeply rooted beliefs on religion, humanity and society, Vonnegut crafts a darkly satirical piece about […]


Bookmark It! Ready Player One

October 23rd, 2013
2 years ago

By Sean Begin For anyone connected to the world of video games, the concept of a completely immersive virtual gaming simulation has long been the subject of myth and dreams. In his novel “Ready Player One,” Ernest Cline makes that dream a reality in more ways than one. The novel is centered on the OASIS, […]


Bookmark it! Little Brother

October 2nd, 2013
2 years ago

By Sean Begin The advent of the Internet has vastly changed the way the world runs, for better or worse. The Internet allows large companies to maintain instant communication and effectively run their business. On the flip side, a clever or stubborn hacker can work their way into nearly any system in the world, from […]

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