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Bookmark it! “Cash Your Investment” Teaches College Graduates How to Manage Life After College

by Jacqueline Stoughton

In a world where the college degree is decreasing in its value, recent graduates find themselves in a limbo unable to get a job in the field they spent the past four years studying and preparing to work in.

“Cash Your Investment: How to Leverage Your College Degree into a Great First Job,” by Scott Eberwein is a quick, easy-to-read guide for the anxious students quickly approaching their college graduations and still lacking any set job plans after they walk across the stage.

In a short 162 pages, Eberwein explains to students in five steps the skills and knowledge they need in order to land that dream job straight out of college at a top, respectable company of their desire.

“In general I wanted to provide a resource I didn’t think was wuite there when I was going through the process myself,” said Eberwein explaining his initial inspiration to write this particular book. “My intention was to put it all in one place. Throughout the book I tried to make the reading more engaging I wanted a catch all book and supplement the advice with my own experience.”

Eberwein himself successfully earned an investment banking position with a large-scale investment bank in New York City following his college graduation from the University of Texas. All the resources and measures he took in order to accomplish such an ambitious goal he shares step-by-step in his first published book.

His guide begins with encouraging readers to master their mind and embrace the powers of positive thinking. Overall this is one of the most important aspects of landing a great first job upon leaving the college environment. Nothing is ever accomplished if the student lacks confidence and is constantly doubting themselves and their abilities — constantly being plauged with negative thoughts. Once students gain the confidence and positivity they need to succeed, their goals begin to look more attainable to them.

Eberwein then leads into the importance of finding a mentor. Ideally this is someone who has worked in the field of study the student plans to go into and possesses valuable skills they would be able to share. Eberwein explains in this chapter how this is one of the most important tools to have when looking for that first job. It’s also important to find a mentor who builds up your confidence, is encouraging and projects positivity.

The third chapter moves on to provide advice on how to conduct an exhaustive job search. This includes tips on successful networking with contacts found on and off campus, how to get the most out of an internship and apply those skills when searching for a job, making cold calls to various employers about full-time positions, utilizing recruiters, keeping up-to-date on employment listings and finally, keeping working for free as an option in order to gain more experience.

Interviewing advice is then provided to the reader. Eberwein suggests that students prepare ahead of time, do research on the company and practice a presentation by conducting mock interviews. Eberwein also gives tips on how to craft a superior resume that will get noticed by employers. He ends his book with some parting advice, reminding readers that “this is your opportunity to shine. This is your opportunity to cash your investment in your college education.”