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Anderson Runs Unopposed for Vice President Spot

By Kassondra Granata

With no one to run against, Student Government Association Sen. Ashley Anderson has the Vice President seat saved for the fall semester.

“I wouldn’t be running if I didn’t want the position, so I am happy that I have it,” Anderson said. “But, I was excited to go through the whole campaigning process, so when I found out I was running unopposed I was a little disappointed. I am happy, though, that I am able to fill the position.”

Anderson, a junior, has been on the senate since the fall and is majoring in psychology and wants to be a school psychologist. Because of a slow start, Anderson said that she just started taking on leadership roles this academic year.

“I have always loved Central, I just did not have any way of getting more involved with the students and the faculty,” Anderson said. “Being on senate I have a whole new perspective of everything. I did not know how club funding even worked, and now I am making motions in Finance Committee.”

During the fall, Anderson was part of the Student Life Committee and launched an idea of a Red Box kiosk on campus. Unfortunately, it fell through.

“It would be convenient to have it here,” Anderson said. “Red Box came back at us thinking that we did not have enough student interest.”

In response, Anderson and other members of the committee started a Facebook page and running surveys. Anderson said that the group came back with a lot of positive feedback. In the end, the project still fell through, according to Anderson, but not on the senate’s part.

“They still thought that we did not have enough people to support the Red Box,” Anderson said. “It wouldn’t have cost the senate anything, so it would have been the revenue of the students to the Red Box.”

This semester, Anderson attended COSGA along with other senators around the country. She said it was a positive experience.

“It was great to see how other SGA’s across the country are operating,” said Anderson. “It was very eye opening.”

With her position in the bag, Anderson has a few plans for next year. She is organizing a “majors fair” for the fall. At this fair, students will be able to talk to different majors and see what they are interested in. Anderson said that the event will be beneficial for undeclared students and students without a minor decided.

Anderson said that she hopes to keep maintaining the lines of communication within the senate and other administration around campus.

“I want to uphold the professionalism and continue to build our organization,” she said.

Anderson has been campaigning with some of the senators running for the other available positions, President and Treasurer.

After the votes come in and a new executive board is set, Anderson will then go into training with current Vice President Liz Braun for the fall of 2013.