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Crazy Costume Cardboard Canoe Race

Sean Fenwick / Staff Writer

What would you say if some one were to ask you to make a boat in thirty minutes out of cardboard, two garbage bags, and a roll of duck tape?

On April 21 RECentral is hosting their Crazy Costume Cardboard Canoe race in Kaiser at 6:30 p.m. Teams of two are given 30 minutes to build a canoe out of cardboard, two plastic bags and a roll of duck tape but in order to participate the team members must be wearing crazy costumes.

RECentral staff will oversee the construction of the boats and after the time is up, teams are selected to race against each other in the pool. There are two teams racing at a time for awards in fastest time, best boat and best capsize. At the end of the day teams will have created a water-worthy boat, raced it in the pool and most likely get soaked in the process.