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CCSU Hockey Falls to Rival Siena

By Brittany Burke

The CCSU Blue Devils Hockey club (3-1) recently took on their biggest rival, the Siena Saints (5-0) and came up short, losing the game 7-4.

It was a goal for the team this year to finally beat Siena, a feat that they have not done in recent memory. Head Coach Ben Adams addressed the two Siena games as the biggest games of CCSU’s season because they are such deep seeded rivals.

“It is a league game as well as just a rival game so probably just the Sienas are the two biggest games in our schedule,” said Coach Adams when asked about what games he and his team are looking forward to the most.

The team was looking for some form of revenge on Siena after being shut out in their last regular season match up on Jan. 30, 2009 at home in Newington. CCSU lost 11-0 and you could feel the tension between the two teams building. In fact, the teams got into a fight and players were suspended from the game because of it. Collegiate hockey bans all forms of fighting.

Even though that match up was a little less than nine months ago you could still feel the tension between all of the players. The game was laden with varying degrees of penalties, the first coming against CCSU in the first six seconds of the game for roughing.

The biggest penalty of the game came in the frustrating third period when the Blue Devils were down 6-3. With 12:27 left in the game CCSU’s forward, Ryan Paglinco got a major penalty for game misconduct/face masking. Paglinco was penalized and given five minutes in the box, which Michael Joy took instead. Paglinco was also taken out for the remainder of the game.

CCSU ended the game with eight penalties against them to Siena’s seven. As the points racked up against CCSU and the time ticked down the more heated the players seemed to get.

Towards the end of the third period with CCSU still down by three, forward Dane Anderson got penalized for goal tender interference and Ryan Bealieu was put in the box for hooking, all while Joy was still in the box for Paglinco’s game misconduct.

While they weren’t battling each other, they were fighting for the puck. The Blue Devils managed to put points on the board first, with back to back unanswered goals in the first period. The first one came from Robert DiClemente from Brett Holmes, assisted by Mike DiClemente. A minute thirteen later at 15:18 Captain Joe Dabkowski scored.

It was an uphill battle from that point on. Siena went on to score six unanswered points through the second period. The Blue Devils’ third goal was Robert DiClemente’s second of the night and was scored on CCSU power play.

The goal was just what they needed. With energy high once again they were able to hold Siena to just one point in the third while giving Mike Diclemente his first goal of the night, on another CCSU power play.

“They attacked the net and they played a very physical game which is what we wanted to get out of them. So in that aspect they played very well,” said Coach Adams of the positives he saw in his team.

“Defensive zone coverage, just getting the pucks out and bearing down and just clearing pucks when you get the chance,” said Coach Adams of the improvements he would like to see in his team.

The Blue Devils only allowed one power play goal the new players really stepped up. New starting goalie, Ross Mocko was able to make some very impressive saves and hold the Saints to seven goals.

Zack Vidmosko was taken out towards the end of the second period after getting taken down, but Coach Adams said the trainers cleared him to play and taking him out was just a precaution.

The Blue Devils are back at home on Saturday Oct. 17 against the University of Massachusetts.