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Inexpensive Travel How To. Destination: Boston

Inexpensive Travel How To. Destination: Boston

By: Arianna Cecchini

Boston, most often associated as home to the Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins, is not a far drive or train ride from CCSU. Not only does Boston have worthwhile sporting events, but it is also just as jumping and raving as New York City, any day of the week.

The nice aspect of Boston is it is not overly crowded, like NYC, and it is very easy to drive in without the stress of being hit by a rushing taxi. It is a clean city, with a lot to offer to us poor college students, and is a good day trip or weekend gateway for students who need a breather from the textbooks and computer screens.

For all the sport lovers out there, Boston’s three major sports teams tend to dominate the whole year round as far as events go. Stub Hub and Ace Ticket are two great website choices for grabbing reasonably cheap tickets to games. Instead of paying full price, usually prices will be around half as much, and one can browse their options very easily. So, if you can’t afford the minimum Bruins Game Ticket, at $130, StubHub usually offers those same seats, for about a third of the price.

Using some of these tools, a CCSU student can afford to see some of their favorite teams play, at a fair price. Also, eating before the event is a great idea. The prices inside the stadiums are overpriced, and the quality of the food is garbage. You’re better off buying fast food, than the latter, and the city offers tons of amazing restaurant choices for those who would can handle something pricier.

The city also has a lot of fun activities for couples, and groups of friends, whose main interests may not be centered around sports. The Boston Aquarium, Quincy Market, Hard Rock Café and many museums remain at the top of Boston’s attractions. Museums such as the Museum of Science and the Children’s Museum are relatively cheap to get into; coupons can be found online for 3 dollars off of admission, as well as the aquarium.

Quincy Market has free admission, and offers food from various vendors and restaurants in the area. It is a great place for lunch and is cheap; you can try samples from most of the spots inside. One can fill up their belly for fewer than ten bucks and hopefully have some money left over to shop in surrounding stores. It’s a great time to eat food, shop and spend a nice day.

Boston is also the home of a huge convention center, located on the water, which has shows and expo’s that change weekly. A month ago, the New England Car Show and RV show took up the convention center space for a weekend, and it was only 8 dollars for a ticket, because there was a coupon on the convention centers website for $3 off. It was a great way to spend the day, and to see all the new makes and models of cars coming out for the 2014 and 2015 years.

Officials at the convention center change its events constantly, with the Comic-Con convention coming soon, and its boat and fishing show in the future, all of which are cheap to go into if you’re willing to go online and find the coupons and dates of what you’d like to see. It is a great time to spend with loved ones or friends. and is a welcome change from school.

Boston is one of those cities that has a lot to offer, but is not a major tourist attraction like NYC, which makes for as nice of a time as it does. There is a lot of history behind Boston. For history lovers, the city offers a number of historical and educational museums, as well as tours, to showcase how the city of Boston came to be.

It truly is worth the seemingly short two hour drive, and one can easily make it a day trip, or simply find a room for $100 per night, just a few miles outside of city limits. Hotwire and Expedia are great websites for grabbing inexpensive hotel prices fast and easy, without searching multiple hotel sites.

If your bored on campus and looking for something relatively cheap to do, remember Boston is a car, train or bus ride away. It won’t cost a fortune to have fun, and would be a great trip to go on with some friends. It’s so close; why not travel?