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NCAA Tournament: The Heart of The Collegiate Athlete

By Matthew Aveni

With March coming and going, the sporting world had much to love. Tiger Woods won yet another tournament, making his critics and fans wonder if he is back to being the Tiger of old. Major League Baseball is in full swing with spring training coming to an end and also the Miami Heat winning 27 straight games behind MVP LeBron James.  The best thing about the month of March is the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament.

The NCAA tournament is one of the most exciting months of sports. Sixty-four teams enter all with the same hope: to be the college basketball national champion.  College basketball is exciting because teams play for more than just a contract or incentives so they can be paid more, they play for the love of the game.

This season is different than most seasons.  Last year Kentucky was the outright favorite playing like juggernaut’s and the season before UCONN was on an unbelievable run where no team in the nation could stop them.  No team this year can compare to UCONN or Kentucky.  Gonzaga, Louisville, Duke, Indiana, Miami, Kansas and many others could have been the favorite to win and it would not have surprised too many people if they were knocked out in the early rounds of the tournament.

The upsets in the season’s tournament were very surprising.  New Mexico, Georgetown and Wisconsin were all knocked out in the first round; some experts had them making it to the Final Four and others had them winning it all.  That changed very quickly when on the first day of games they were sent packing back to their universities.

The reason many fans watch is to experience the run of many of the Cinderella teams that had no reason of being in the tournament, let alone winning games and making it to the Sweet Sixteen.  How many people filled out their bracket and thought that Florida Golf Coast University would beat Georgetown and play Florida in the Sweet Sixteen? Even better is the Wichita State Shockers are going to the Final Four in Atlanta to play Louisville.  Wichita State battled through Pittsburgh, Gonzaga, La Salle and Ohio State to make it there.  The most interesting thing about this Shocker team is that they lost their top five leading scorers from a year ago.

The upsets and Cinderella teams make the NCAA tournament so interesting.  Everyone has a general favorite for professional baseball, basketball and football but college basketball is the biggest tournament of all sports.  The college student-athlete is also a very intriguing topic.  So many of these players do not go and play in the NBA.  There are only two rounds in the draft and usually players drafted in the second round do not last in the NBA very long. That being said many college basketball players play for their school and their pride.  Many of their last games played in college come losing in the NCAA tournament and fall into tears knowing it just might be the last time they pick up a ball and play competitive basketball.

Now that the Final Four is just a week away, the hype and hopes of three teams will come to an end.  Louisville will be playing Wichita State and Michigan will be facing off against Syracuse.  In the final year of the “Big East” being together two teams have the opportunity to play against each other and send the Big East off with winning two of the last three National Championships.  With no team asserting themselves as the outright favorite the country’s biggest tournament can be sent off with some of the best games many of us will see all year.

Violence In Film

Audience Should Pay Attention To The Deeper Message

By Chris Pace

I was seven.  We only had 24 channels on our T.V. so I was looking around for what to watch.  Then I caught myself watching George Romero’s Creepshow.  I had never seen anything like it before.  I’ve seen James Bond and Indiana Jones films before, but this was different.

When I was a kid, my parents were more focused on making sure I wasn’t watching anything with sex or drugs.  But as I grew up and began to have a passion for film, I realized that films with drug abuse and sexual content are the movies that have the most realistic portrayals of life.

People love violence, and when parents object to violent content in films, it only puts a bad name on the film and everyone involved.  I have been watching Quentin Tarantino films since I can remember.  He can be considered as the “neo-violence” director of our generation.  He writes great screenplays that involve a lot of dialogue, but when something happens, it’s unrealistically violent.  Unrealistic.  That’s the point.  Although his films are violent, when people get shot they don’t fly backward through doorways or windows.  In Kill Bill Vol. 1, a trained assassin kills off a gang of 88 men with a sword.

A lot of people believe violence in media such as in movies or video games are to blame for these school shootings and increasing violence.  Maybe those that believe this should take a look at what they buy their kids.  Films should not be protested against or even taken out of theaters; video games should not be lifted from shelves or even thought to be cancelled during production because of violent content.  There are ratings on films and video games for a reason, and when parents pick up a game with a mature rating or a movie with NC-17 or R rating, think twice about giving it to your 12-year-old kid, don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

I played all of the games, I’ve watched a lot of movies and I’ve never thought to hurt anyone or try to re-enact anything I’ve seen.  Most of the people that read this haven’t thought to do anything they’ve seen in movies either.  In fact, we need violence in movies.  Like I said before, people love it.  They work jobs they hate, deal with people who piss them off and they watch violent movies and play violent video games because they like the feeling of being in power.

Some of the greatest movies involve violence.  The Godfather, which is considered by most to be one of the greatest films of all time, is full of murder.  At least seven of the last ten best picture winners involve murder or center around violence.

Instead of focusing on the violence in movies, pay attention to the message.  Who thought Matt Damon was going to kill that guy outside the elevator in The Departed?  These filmmakers know what their audiences expect from their work, but they also add violence because it is important to the movie itself.  A good filmmaker can make an antagonist an anti-hero; Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese and David Fincher are masters at it.  And these are some of the biggest box office directors, so I’m sure all of these parents that protest against violent content in movies are the ones supporting the filmmakers by paying to see them, my mother being one of them (she happened to enjoy Django Unchained).

Letter To The Editor: IRC Elections

Dear Editor,


I wanted to take the time to discuss the upcoming Inter Resident Council elections. Pending the change of the constitution, the election will take place online from April 9 following the meeting until April 12. This will be the first time elections are online. The hope is that this will make it easier for residents to vote in this important election.

As a candidate for vice president I want residents to be more aware of what the Inter Residence Council has to offer. In the past year I have been actively involved on campus and I have seen what IRC has done and what it has the potential to do. Some of the changes have included commuters being allowed to participate in Mr. CCSU, an upcoming mud volleyball tournament and a walk-through of the residence halls and campus to show those in University administration what on campus needs to be fixed. This issues have had forward movement since IRC has been involved and I hope to have a part in the coming year.

Both my opponent Michael Bolton and I are visiting hall councils to meet residents, hear your stories and make our platforms for vice president known. Come to your Hall Councils next week to have your voice heard, and most importantly, vote in this upcoming election!


Rebecca Hudson

Class of 2015

Letter To The Editor: Gun Control

Dear Editor:


The tragedy that occurred in our quiet state at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown has started a chain reaction of fear and a wave of assault on the second amendment. Since the shooting occurred on Dec. 14 2012, other shooting incidents have been brought to light.

These have been coming out in the media more and more since the events at Sandy Hook to push a political agenda to regulate firearms spear headed by our President and our very own Governor Malloy. I have spoken to many of my family members, friends and colleagues regarding this on a personal level, but due to the fact that this issue is getting far out of hand and I cannot simply read the news without seeing something regarding gun control, I need to speak out.

As of right now hunting rifles and many rifles of that style do not need to be registered but customers must be 18-years-old to purchase (21-years-old in some states), and usually have a two-week waiting period to pick up after purchasing. These weapons are large and bulky and have been usually found in the corner of your grandparents’ house or locked up in one of your dad’s closets.

Pistols have serial numbers etched into them to keep track of where they are sold, and they must be registered once purchased. To carry a pistol in Connecticut, you must go through a safety course, be 21 years of age or older and go through a background check to register. Also, if you want a concealed carry permit, this takes another lengthy registration process. There are already vast amounts of gun control going on in America, which may or may not infringe the Second Amendment as is.

Many options are on the table as for what the government is trying to do to enhance gun control. One of these options is to reduce magazines capacity down to no more than 10 rounds. The idea behind this is that a shooter would only be able to fire off 10 rounds from his weapon, before having to stop and reload his weapon. Chances are that a gunman who is looking to do harm has multiple magazines on him that he can reload in the matter of seconds.

In the U.S., according to the Second Amendment, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. I understand that in a time where we have a standing military a militia may not be deemed necessary by many people, however, it still endows Americans the right to bear arms. This covers not just personal protection, but hunting as well (yes there are those of us from semi-rural communities that still hunt), and also competitive shooting for sport.

One of the biggest pushes for this iron grip on gun control stems from the recent Sandy Hook shooting. I have seen numerous articles and political documents stating that the gunman broke in to the school, and began firing at anyone in sight with his Bushmaster AR-15. However, if you watch the live video feed, you would discover that this is incorrect. There is video of the police removing the AR-15 from the trunk of the gunman’s car long after his death and he had actually used a 10mm Glock and a 9mm SIG Sauer P226 Handgun. The AR-15 is actually a semi-automatic rifle and not an automatic one, nor considered an assault rifle by Connecticut state law. After the presentation of this information, that point as an excuse to limit types of weapons is invalid and should not be continually used in arguments for this issue.

The Second amendment is what allows us to protect ourselves in our homes. High-tech security systems are nice and actually believing that the police will show up to save the day before a violent crime is committed is wishful thinking. But I would sleep safer at night knowing that I had a firearm in my home to defend my family in case an intruder broke in. Criminals will find ways to obtain large magazines and high powered firearms regardless of whether they are legal or not, just like drug addicts still manage to find and purchase drugs even though they are illegal.

This can be seen with the Sandy Hook gunman who illegally obtained these weapons from his mother’s home after murdering her. He could not be stopped by the rules already set in place because he ignored them, much like any other criminal would do. In this day and age, the banning of firearms will never happen due to armed conflicts constantly happening in the world.

Why should I put my life in danger by giving away my right to defend myself and my family? By being able to have the same weaponry that those who threaten my life will be able to obtain whether they get them legally or not?

To continually add more and more gun control and laws is actually breaking the law because the Second Amendment states that these rights “shall not be infringed”. I’m only a soon to be college graduate, but adding more and more nonsense gun control definitely sounds like infringement to me.


Jeremy Truex

SGA Senator

GOP In Desperate Need Of Rebranding

By Joe Suszczynski

The Grand Old Party will not be so grand if it does not reformat the way it presents themselves. Granted, it still controls the House, it does not control the senate and its candidate for the presidency lost in 2012.

Republicans and conservatives had just hosted their Conservative Political Action Conference, or colloquially known as “CPAC.”

Conservatives such as Sarah Palin, Senator Marco Rubio and Donald Trump went to voice their support for conservatism and assessed what should be done for their party in the future.

These three candidates have the worst idea of making assessments on how to fix the problem in the Republican Party.Senator Rubio mentioned in his speech that the GOP does not need a new idea. He said, “We don’t need a new idea. There is an idea. The idea is called America, and it still works.”

Just saying that “America” is your idea for your party is asinine. If the senator had said “conservative philosophy” then that would make more sense; that is an actual idea that can be explained so those can understand what conservative ideals are.

What Trump said was almost as ridiculous as Rubio’s speech. Trump spoke about immigration saying, “Why aren’t we letting people in from Europe…but the fact is, 11 million people will be voting Democratic.” Trump is just a joke; I don’t know why the people in charge of CPAC would even consider having him speak, as he just brings down the IQ of the party.

Palin, like Senator Rubio, said there was no need to have a new idea. She said, “We’re not here to dedicate ourselves to new talking points coming from Washington, D.C. We’re not here to put a fresh coat of rhetorical paint on our party. We are not here to abandon our principles in a contest of government give-aways.” If all Republicans used that type of sentiment then they are never going to win a presidential election.

For Republicans to get elected into office they have to keep moving to the right to even be considered. During the primaries, Mitt Romney had to spout far right policies even though it was shown that he was a moderate Republican when he served as Governor in Massachusetts.

If Republicans want to win elections then they have to start conceding conservative rhetoric when it comes to social issues. They need to be more supportive of gay marriage and drug legalization if they want to get young voters. Polls in the states where gay marriage was on the ballot in this past election showed high support from voters ages 40 and under. So the Republican Party has to change gears if they want to thrive in the coming elections. I understand that Republicans remain staunchly conservative when it comes to fiscal policy, but when it comes down to it they have to learn to compromise and not gridlock everything.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stands out as a moderate conservative who I think has a chance to do well for his party. But, sadly, Christie was not invited to speak at CPAC despite having a high approval rating in his state. I would assume that a Republican governor who has a high approval in a predominantly Democrat state would be an ideal person to hear advice from. But in true Republican fashion, they snub him because of the fact that Christie is the type of guy who is willing to compromise and call out his own party when sees an issue. It is insane that he would not be invited and, on top of that, the some people who spoke at CPAC took shots at him.

To come back in the polls and become a dominant party again the Republicans need to have a person to revitalize the party and take in a direction for the better. That person has to start moving to the left, or even the center, on social issues and at least be willing to compromise on fiscal policies. They have to disavow the Tea Party and other extremists in the party encouraging a more moderate stance.

The Democrats in the 1980s were having a tough time getting elected after Jimmy Carter’s administration. Ronald Reagan won both of his elections and George Bush Sr. trounced his opponent in 1988. However in the 1990s the Democrats came back strong and had a candidate that revitalized the party: his name was Bill Clinton.

Clinton took the party in another direction and successfully served the maximum of two terms.

Now it’s the Republicans’ turn to find that one person to push the party into a new light, because if they keep going down this path, it could mean bad things for the party.