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Thank You To The Staff

To say that this past Monday afternoon was intense is nothing short of an understatement. As I was just about to leave my job on campus to head to the Recorder office, Central was put into a lockdown and my phone immediately began ringing incessantly. Not only did I have family and friends who were concerned for my safety calling to check in, but I also had several people text me wanting news updates.

Before I even could send my first tweet, I had heard several different stories about what was possibly going on across campus. Rumors of assault rifles, masked men and potential hostages had begun circulating and people wanted to know the facts. With shaking hands at the word “gunman” I grabbed my phone and began texting the people who I knew that I could count on to gather the facts: my staff.

Just one building over from Welte Auditorium, where I was along with several of my coworkers, my editors were locked inside the student center and already hard at work trying to determine fact from fiction. We all remained constant on social media and did our best to report accurate information in hopes to let the CCSU community know what exactly was happening and what their best course of action should be.

Though we were all in the midst of the chaos, my fellow reporters put aside personal responsibilities in attempt to fulfill their journalistic responsibilities. Some of us ignored personal calls in favor of quick texts that simply read, “Safe. Reporting.” to let their loved ones know that they were safe. My staff who could not be on campus even called in to ask if they could contribute anything of use.

The media is always portrayed as sensationalizing news and blowing things out of proportion in order to get ratings. I can say confidently that everyone who was reporting from the Recorder that day was focused on the safety of the students and faculty and worked tirelessly to get all the facts out to the public.

I have always had confidence in my staff, but after Monday’s events I can say that I could not be more proud of the way they handled the situation. As students, we treat everything we do for the newspaper as a learning experience and we are always open to learn from our mistakes. I know this may sound as if I am bragging but I simply want to say that I am so proud of my staff and all the officials at CCSU for that matter. This situation, which as of this time seems to be some kind of misunderstanding, was handled well by all parties involved.

Yes we are reporters, but we are Blue Devil reporters. This is our campus too, and when a potential threat comes along we want to do whatever we can to help our fellow students. We are here to serve our CCSU community and will continue to do our best to bring the campus the news that it needs to hear.