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Make Your Time Here Memorable

Amanda Webster

It’s another new semester at CCSU, and for me it is my very last one in my undergraduate career. I have learned a lot during my time at Central, whether it be inside or outside the classroom. If I have any advice for new students this semester, it would be to get as actively involved in campus as possible. I know , its tired and cliche but the time spent in college can absolutely be made into the best time of your life if you take the steps to get involved and see what your university has to offer you. Central offers a plethora of clubs, sports and even travel options for students. It takes only a tad bit of research to see what fits your agenda.

Over the summer I went on a course abroad trip through the Center for International Education. The trip was titled The Great Cities of Europe part II and for almost three weeks both my best friend and I experienced breathtaking sights and delicious food in some of the most visited locations on the planet. Our group landed in Rome and we then bussed our way through Europe to Paris, hitting almost every city in between, before hitching a ferry ride to London, England before heading back home.

Spending almost three weeks on a coach bus with 17 people really allows a person to get to know the once complete strangers. Friendships quickly formed in our group, and together we made memories that could mirror scenes out of a movie. My best friend Jackie and I quickly befriended two guys on the trip named Nick and Rob. Together, the four of us took a gondola ride in Venice, wandered into a castle on a hilltop in Heidelberg, drank wine underneath the Eiffel Tower and spent an afternoon lost inside The Louvre.

About 48 hours after landing in America, I received word that Nick had passed away. Someone that I had seen every day for three weeks straight was now gone and there was no rational for it. Nick had everything going for him; the course abroad trip was his last three credits he needed to graduate from CCSU, he had a good paying job and struck me as someone who wanted to make the most out of life. At his memorial service, I saw pictures of him displayed that we had taken barely two weeks beforehand. Nick’s death came as a devastating shock but what his family and friends took comfort in was that he had experienced an amazing adventure during his last days.

There is a moment that sticks out in my mind from our trip that I’m sure will be with me for years to come. The night in Heidelberg, Germany when the four of us walked about a castle and took pictures we spent a lot of time looking over the view of the city. Night fell and the city lit up before our eyes and Nick said, “This night is perfect.”

The moral of the story is to reiterate the importance of making your time at school, and life for that matter, the best that it can be. No one knows how much time they have left on this earth and if there is something that you really want to do while at at Central, just get out and do it. The worst that can happen is it doesn’t work out as planned, but at least you’ll never be left to wonder.