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Farewell Column: Time Well Spent

By Amanda Webster

In my first column this semester I wrote that that getting involved on campus is critical to a good college experience. I want to end on the same note. So here it is: my nausea-inducing, overly-emotional farewell column. Years from now, when I tell colleagues and friends about my time at college, aside from the blurred weekends with friends and last minute study sessions, I will tell about my time with this newspaper.

I know there are some students that want nothing more than to grab their diploma and high-tail it the hell out of here; believe me, I’ve had those days too. To put it lightly, these past four and a half years (still better than most) have been insane. I started as an indecisive freshman who procrastinated too much and spent many a night with a red solo cup in hand instead of in front of a textbook. Now, I am an indecisive senior who still procrastinates too much, about to embrace the struggle of finding a job. The only real difference is that I traded in the dank basement parties for slightly brighter bars, but somewhere amongst balancing long nights of layout and long nights off-campus with friends, I’d like to think I’ve matured.

When I first joined The Recorder, I figured it was just a way to get some experience so that I could land an internship and maybe a job. I was nervous and hesitated to take any stories but had I known what awaited me, I would have walked into this office my first day of freshman year. Not only have I gained more confidence in myself than I ever thought possible, but I have made the most amazing friends that I am lucky enough to call my staff. We rely on each other to get our work done and have built strong relationships that carry on outside of the office walls.

Getting involved with the paper ignited interests in me that I would have never before considered. My first trip abroad was taken through the journalism department and I now know that settling down into my own corner of America is not for me. I’ve traveled to some of the most well-known cities around the world, met fascinating people and heard stories that I otherwise would have never had the chance to experience. I reported on the presidential inauguration from Washington D.C. on a day that also celebrated the birthday of a man who’s famous “I Have a Dream” set the stage for the first African-American president to be sworn into office.

My run as Editor-in-Chief has been a short one but it has taught me a lot. I never intended to be put into a position of leadership for this paper and want to thank everyone who has supported me this past semester. I’m so incredibly proud of the work that everyone has put in this semester and I know that everyone will continue to do their best long after I’m gone.

I can’t imagine spending my Monday nights any other way than with my Recorder family. The only thing scarier than first walking into the office is knowing that this is one of my last times walking out. But my time here at Central is up, and it’s been incredible. So to those who still have time to kill between next semester’s classes: get involved. It was the best thing I’ve ever done.

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