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Editorial: Journalism Matters

Without journalism, the majority of the population would be in the dark and unaware of what is going on in the world around them.

The power of journalism is prevalent, especially today in the society we live in. The power of journalism cannot be understated. The power of journalism brings awareness to issues which otherwise could’ve fell through the cracks, such as the sexual misconduct allegations against Theater Professor Joshua Perlstein.

The Recorder strives to make a difference at Central Connecticut. By investigating and uncovering heavy but powerful stories of both positive and negative natures, we are aiming to make the university community well aware of events going on on-campus and in the surrounding areas.

Sometimes, stories are not what you want to hear. There are going to be situations where content is hard to grasp, but that should not diminish the fact that it needs to be heard and understood.

Oftentimes, big stories can be unintentionally swept under the rug. It is our job, as the press, to uncover these issues and inform the public, no matter how long it takes.

Within 12 hours of the publication exploiting Perlstein’s inappropriate behavior, President Dr. Zulma Toro had already recognized the issue and started an internal and external investigation of the legitimacy of the accusations against Perlstein.

Dr. Toro’s timely response to the article was great to see. However, if The Recorder did not uncover this story, nothing would have come of the multiple accusations against Perlstein. There would be no investigation, there would be no attention to the fact that this has gone on for decades and no extreme disciplinary measures have been taken against the theater professor.

In the email sent to all actively enrolled students, faculty and administration, the mention of the “review [of] the University’s Sexual Harassment Policy, especially as it relates to the 90-day reporting deadline,” is a big step to seeing change happen on our campus. By investigating not only the accusations against Perlstein, but also the university policies regarding the allotted time to report sexual harassment, Dr. Toro is initiating the change we want to see on our campus.

Central’s immediate reaction to the accusations against Perlstein made all the difference in this case. Whether or not Dr. Toro or any members of the administration knew about these, or similar accusations, before they were made public is unknown. However, one can only question how the administration had no knowledge of the alleged sexual misconduct of Perlstein, as this has been going on for nearly two decades.

At this point, the main goal is to prevent any form of sexual misconduct or harassment from happening again at Central involving students, faculty and administration. Using our voice as a student-run newspaper to shine light on heavy, yet powerful stories can make all the difference in how difficult situations are dealt with.

Hopefully with the release of accusations against Perlstein, more students, faculty and alumni will feel empowered to come forward and share their experiences.

Maybe, after all, the climate here at CCSU will change for the better, becoming the “welcoming, safe place” we claim to be.