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In response to “Integration through Segregation: A Novel Concept”

In response to Mr. Zajac’s article posted September 22, 2009, Integration through Segregation: A Novel Concept, I fully agree with him. It is unfair to allow an organization that specifically targets a group of people that everyone doesn’t need to see or hear from taking up valuable space that could be better served by the Register or some other worthy group. In fact, when I think about it, why should we allow the Security Force on campus to take up the valuable space they take up. They don’t do anything. In fact, as I walk through various parking areas and the dormitory areas I see various crack bags and syringes on the ground. If they were doing what they are paid to do I wouldn’t have to be conscious of these items being on the ground because they would have kicked all the crack heads off the campus.

The Office of Diversity is another area that we can dispose of. What do they actually do? Oh, that’s right, they are there to insure that the rights of minorities are protected. Fat chance of that happening after an incident that I was involved with, from a distance, which was an attempt by the office attempting to sway the reality of the situation to suit what they wanted the turnout to be. There is prime space that could be used for something else.

Then, lets look at the Administration’s Offices. Do we really need all these individuals like the Provost who, I have yet to determine what his worth is; or the President whom I have seen once on campus. Usually he must be off doing Presidential things, like a luncheon with the other University Presidents. Then lets get to the Admissions and Registrar’ Offices. Are both really necessary? What purpose do they serve? We only utilize their services once or twice a year. Couldn’t we just buy a Mall Cart and park it down by the Student Center and when they have something of value to the student body, they put a Blue Light on the cart and light it up so the students stop by.

Also, there is a large area of dead space on campus that would be better served if it contained additional classrooms or dormitories. I have heard it referred to as the Football Field and the Baseball Diamond. Also, there must be a running track on campus which would could be used as a duel purpose walking area. It could be leased out to the citizens in the area as a dog walk as well as a running track. Not only would this free up useful space, but it would free up space taken by these useless activities. I don’t play football or baseball, so I don’t benefit from those activities. A nice new dormitory or two would work well there once the complete athletic department is disposed of. This would really free up space. Even the basketball court could be converted to a theatre which could hold more students and provide cultural events that are pertinent to the academic advancement of many students. By the way, I don’t play basketball either.

Mr. Zajac’s argument that the services of the LGBT Center overlaps with other groups and services provided on campus. I wholeheartedly agree. If the queer population on campus need to talk to someone, they should be looking to the church or to the people teaching diversity and tolerance on campus. Who are these people that think they should have more than a broom closet with a sign on the door? We have Asian Cultural clubs, African American Clubs, Athletic Clubs and the list goes on. What are we going to do when the members of these groups decide that they are members that are encompass both the designated Asian, African or Athletic Clubs, but they realize they should have the same rights and entitlements so they want an Asian LGBT Center or African American LGBT Center, and so forth. Where will all this space come from? I think we should have the CCSU Senior Citizen Center on campus to promote the ills of Senior Citizens and the professors that fall within this category.

All in all Mr. Zajac, I notice a hint of homophobia in your article and would like to suggest that you request additional space within the Student Center for the Zajac Stupidity Group. The mission of the “ZSG” would be to promote ignorance throughout the student body. Hell, we might even be able to find a Professor that would be willing to teach a few courses on ignorance. As we all know, without ignorance, we wouldn’t have the hate, discrimination, mistrust and loathing of our fellow classmates who just might be a little different than we are and feel comfortable with those that fully understand the situations they are exposed to.

Gerald King

CCSU Student