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Editorial: Booklets Would Have Been Useful Weeks Ago

In order to register for classes for the soon-approaching spring 2010 semester, CCSU decided that students should independently register class online, if not in the presence of Registrar’s staff, which made the entire process unduly difficult. And after the close of registration period, printed course registration booklets for evening and Saturday courses could be found on campus. These books are a combined listing of graduate and undergraduate winter and spring courses.

Initially paperless, there was no book to browse through as in past semesters – no descriptions of classes, just CRN numbers and lists of shortened names of classes.

The majority of students do not like the fact that classes can only be found online. Having used a booklet in the past while browsing and checking off courses during registration it was a lot easier to flip through pages than it was to coordinate classes and submit course worksheets online. The printed books now available have all of the full name of the classes and a small description of it, which could have allowed for ease in double checking classes against the university and major requirements. Even if these booklets–providing information on just a fraction of the courses at CCSU–were available earlier, students who take primarily night or weekend classes would have enjoyed a less stressful registration.

With the registration web pages on CCSU Blue Net, only the CRN numbers, shortened names of the classes, and scheduling information were available.

Also, the number of classes has seemed to have been reduced significantly. Last semester, there was an abundance of classes, it was almost overwhelming. Now, there seems to be a dearth. Smaller majors, such as anthropology, have an even smaller variety to choose from. This also speaks to a larger problem in that there are simply less courses offered across the board.

If online is the only way to register next semester, there are some things that CCSU could do in order for it to run smoother the second time around. If not going ahead with printing the course registration booklets on time and in full, CCSU should primarily look into grouping Web content and course listings similar to the way in the book. At the very least, a portable display file will provide an easier transition to the Web. Course names should be in full and should have a small one to two line descriptions along with it, if not the full paragraphs. It will lessen the frustration.

Registering for spring classes was more stressful than it should have been. Now that it’s over, hopefully the administration can walk away with a list of areas to improve and see that the same headaches are not repeated for next semester. And make sure that the print booklets are out before registration starts.