President Miller Leaves a Monumental Mark on CCSU

February 3rd, 2016
4 days ago

President Jack Miller has been a major influence and conductor in bringing the Central Connecticut campus up to the potential it always had to be. Between raising endowments, graduation rates and adding academic building, Miller made tremendous contributions to CCSU within his past 12 years as president. Last week, Miller announced via email that come […]

Fate of Caucuses to be Determined by O’Malley

January 27th, 2016
2 weeks ago

In the time left before the caucuses, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are working to grab all the possible votes for the Iowa caucuses. According to ABC News, as of Jan. 12th Sanders was up five points against Clinton. This poll could mean nothing though – with Martin O’Malley still in the race, the results are unpredictable. O’Malley […]

The Need for Stricter Gun Control

December 10th, 2015
2 months ago

Gun control laws and regulations within the United States border are desperately in need of change, President Obama made this point clear when he address the nation regarding this issue last week. Recently, new information regarding the couple who drastically took the lives of 14 innocent people in San Bernardino, California came to light. “We […]

Syrian Refugees Welcome in Connecticut

December 3rd, 2015
2 months ago

We are firm believers of knowing all sides of every story before making a decision on anything, including religion. Education is fear’s biggest enemy and I commend Governor Malloy for granting solace to the Syrian people escaping their war torn countries. Social media became an interface of public discussion where peers, family and educators voiced their […]

Let the Dust Settle

November 19th, 2015
3 months ago

As French flag-filtered profile pictures and vaguely worded solutions to societal issues dominates social media, a main theme was noticed. Most people don’t let the entire story unfold, or “let the dust settle” before a crisis becomes artillery in heated debates pertaining to school shootings, gun control and much more. Directly after the atrocities in Paris, news […]

An Open Letter to Mayor Erin Stewart

October 21st, 2015
4 months ago

New Britain Mayor and Central Connecticut alumna Erin Stewart has somewhat insidiously played some immature moves such as blocking CCSU alumnus Bobby Berriault, CCSU student Wyatt Bosworth who is running for New Britain City council and The Recorder’s Assistant News Editor Christopher Marinelli. The 28-year-old has been able to enjoy a career as mayor young […]

Muslims can be Presidents too

September 24th, 2015
5 months ago

Once again politicians haven’t learned that church and state should always remain separate, as they once again drag religion into something that has nothing to do with religion. The issue now with the GOP, should someone of Muslim faith be able to run for presidency?  Ignorantly, many Republicans (and I’m sure a few Democrats) say […]

Editorial: Rolling Stone Schooled on Campus Rape Reporting

September 7th, 2015
5 months ago

An alleged rape victim, Jackie, told her story to Rolling Stone in a report that  made national attention- first for graphic details and lack of intervention by the University of Virginia, then for journalistic error. Allegations of assault should always be taken very seriously, and perhaps going to the press wasn’t the best first course […]

“Death with Dignity” a Right for All

January 4th, 2015
1 year ago

Instead of fearing death, 29-year-old Brittany Maynard has come closer than most to embracing it. The terminally ill woman has become a poster-child for the “death with dignity” movement. This initiative allows those who have been diagnosed as terminally ill to receive a medication that will let them choose when or where they wish to […]

A New Idea for CCSU’s Early Registration

January 4th, 2015
1 year ago

With midterms behind us and November around the corner, it’s time for CCSU students to start planning their courses for the spring semester. With that comes the knowledge that some students have already signed up for their classes, limiting the availability of some classes for the general student population, a hurdle the Recorder editorial board […]

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