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Baby, If You Were Words On a Page, You’d Be Fine Print

During my freshman year of college I was approached by a guy on campus and asked in a very serious tone, “How much does a polar bear weigh?” Confused and a little taken aback I said that I did not know. He then cracked a grin, extended his hand and said “enough to break the ice”, and introduced himself.  I was on the receiving end of a pickup line and you know what, I thought it was great.

We’ve all seen a movie or television show that portrays some poor, awkward guy standing alone at a bar, trying to muster up the courage to approach an attractive individual and spark a conversation only to stumble over a corny pickup line that results in either a dirty look or a drink thrown in his face.

I for one love pickup lines. When presented correctly they can be a hilarious icebreaker and actually start a real conversation. People who open up conversations with pickup lines show that they have confidence which is always an attractive quality and some pickup lines can be adorable. They are also a good way to get your point across to the other person that you are interested in them without engaging in a drawn-out conversation that ends with them mentioning a significant other. Once a pickup line is delivered, that person on the receiving end has the chance to politely end the conversation and walk away or take a chance and introduce themselves.

Ask any of your friends to quote their favorite pickup lines and I guarantee you they can immediately list of a a few that make them all laugh. So, if your friends are laughing then there stands a pretty good chance you’ll get that girl or guy in the bar to laugh too.

It all depends on the delivery. If you’re creepy with your pickup line, the chances of getting a drink thrown in your face can be pretty high. If you are really interested in chatting up a cutie then give a more light-hearted, funny line rather than a raunchy, rude one liner that can be taken offensively. No one wants to end up with a vodka-tonic in their eyes, it burns and then the other person has to spend money on another drink.

There are also tons of career oriented pickup lines that you can try out on a coworker or someone you know in the same type of field. I think that these are the best type of icebreaker, you can start talking about your common interests and goals and after awhile you may become one of that individuals new interest.

Some people might not think that pickup lines can actually spark a little something, but they can. They are charming and funny, showing a great sense of humor. Who doesn’t love someone who can make them laugh? Or someone who can laugh at themselves?

I don’t know if I am the one girl who could be picked up by the cheesiest pickup line out there, but you never know. If you’re light-hearted and don’t mind people laughing at you, what do you have to lose? Like I said, keep them clean yet witty, flattering and fun.

Now go out and try some of your favorite pickup lines. I suggest avoiding the tired and cliched ones such as, “Did it hurt…when you fell from heaven?” or, “Are your legs tired? Because you’ve been running through my dreams all night.” Be creative, be fun and be bold because really, my body has a deadline and if we don’t hurry we’re going to miss it.