Oh, Donald Sterling

by Sean Begin and Navindra Persaud

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling cast a dark shadow upon his team with racially charged remarks that he allegedly made, as first reported by TMZ.

“It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?” said the man alleged to be Sterling in the audio clip.

The comments were recorded by Sterling’s then-girlfriend and mistress, V. Stiviano, who is currently being sued for almost $2 million by Sterling’s wife for embezzlement.

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Every End Brings A New Beginning

By: Paige Brown


In less than a month, my college career comes to an end.


The idea that I will no longer be fighting for parking spots or going crazy in the wee hours of the morning on layout nights is bittersweet. Not only am I leaving the stress behind, but also all the memories I have made here.


This last year, I have made some of the best friends here at Central that I know will be in my life forever. Working with The Recorder is something that has done more than keep me here until 5 a.m. and build up my resume.

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For the Love of the Game, Just let them Play

by Sean Begin

It’s time to throw out the book.

Or, at least, make some highly necessary changes.

What book? That would be the Unwritten Rules of Baseball, which made yet another appearance April 20, when the Brewers’ Carlos Gomez ignited a benches clearing brawl after he flipped his bat on what he thought was a home run.

Turned out it was really just a deep outfield hit, one that saw Gomez wind up (barely) at third base with a triple, and could, as Fox’s Jon Paul Morosi speculated, been an inside-the-park home run, had Gomez hustled out of the box.

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Charlotte Shows Fight Against Defending Champs

By Navindra Persaud

The Miami Heat managed to hold off a fighting Charlotte Bobcats in the first round of the NBA Playoffs Sunday, defeating them 99-88. The Bobcats, however, showed clear signs that the have the ability to take control in opening minutes, which could be threatening to the reigning NBA Champions.

Not only were the Miami Heat outrebounded but they also may have gotten a little help on the officiating end as the Bobcats had 12 free throw attempts while the Heat had 26, most of which came from, you guessed it, Heat guard Lebron James.

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Journalists Experience Trauma Too

There were many people who went to the 2014 Boston Marathon to heal. For runners and spectators alike, the race was a moment for the population to stand up for itself.

Along with the people who attend and participate in the event, there are those who are not commonly perceived as traumatized by incidents of this magnitude.

Journalists were among those who were on the finish line of last year’s marathon and near the subsequent explosion. Normally the Boston Marathon is a day of exciting photography and storytelling triumph.

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No, We’re Not Asking For It

By: Brittany Hill

When a man goes out with his friends and gets drunk, it’s just another Friday night. But when a woman goes out with her friends and gets drunk, she’s asking for it.

At least that is the thought process that some people adopt when attempting to justify or explain why a woman becomes victimized to sexual assault more than men.

This and other erroneous statements reveal the many issues surrounding sexual assaults, specifically on campus. It speaks to how we as a culture address issues on a case-to-case basis, rather than recognizing how our culture is rife with hegemonic masculinity that places women as subordinate.

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