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SGA Bullet Points

By Joe Suszczynski

  • Public Affairs Committee Chairman Dean Ott announced that general elections will be April 8, 9 and 10. He also mentioned that asking students to like the Student Government Association’s Facebook page while giving out promotional items led to a 700 percent increase on the number of likes on the page.
  •  A motion was made to add a section to the SGA bylaws in regards to adding a Board of Regent Student Advisory Committee Membership Election. An amendment was made and passed to take out some of the language in section D of the bylaw referring to where the open candidate seat will be posted and advertised. The motion was passed unanimously.
  •  Senator Bobby Berriault motioned to amend section 4-3 (f) in the SGA bylaws with the intent to change the language so it would read “Only clubs which are student driven and officially recognized by the university may petition for a base budget.” After much debate from both sides the motion ended up failing.
  •  A motion was made to a line item to move $4,140 from the Blue Devil Social to be used as follows: $1,140 for “Devil’s Den: Battle of the Clubs”, $300 for food for the E-board debate, $300 for food for the candidate gallery, $1,000 for an inflatable for the candidate gallery, and $1,400 for SGA hats. The motion ended up being split up into five different motions so each line item change could be clarified. All five of the newly made motions ended up passing.

Initiative Calls for Cleaner Campus

By Jaimie Leasure

The Student Life Committee is looking into adopting a program called “Campus for Compassion” to initiate small steps in a cleaner and “greener” campus.

Western Connecticut State University has already adopted this initiative. The Central’s committee has a number of ideas they plan on pursuing for spring and the upcoming fall semester.

The Fresh Start Project was proposed by student Andrew ‘Wellington’ Pegg.  “We really need to unify ourselves as a community and make it a stronger presence of caring especially for the environment and for the people around us,” said Pegg.

The project would entail walking across campus picking up trash along the way,  then dividing everything up to recycle it properly.  Next, a company in New Britain will turn the recyclables into T-shirts.  These T-Shirts are just the ammunition for the rest of the project.

After the original walk on campus, there would be a trash pick–up walk across New Britain.  “I want to promote that this planet isn’t going to be around forever if we keep treating it the way we are,” said Pegg. “This is not a Central thing, it’s an everyone thing.”

SGA Senator, Teige Christiano, has his own vision for a campus-wide wellness event that would raise awareness of students with disabilities.

The “It’s not easy being green” movement would be a daylong event with different activities to allow students to walk in someone else’s shoes.

Disabilities like sight, mobility, speech, allergies and hearing are some challenges that people don’t understand.  To help with this, some ideas were to have seeing eye dogs and taste testing stations so people could see what it’s like to live with some of these disabilities.

“We need to give students the opportunity to become compassionate,” said Christiano.

“’Cross the Line’ is a way to learn about people that you have preconceived notions about, who maybe you just see them and hated them,” said Cassidy Delaney, a senator.

An example of this would be, who here has ever been sexually abused?  If they have, then they will cross the line.

“I learned so much about people I went to high school with, who I thought were just jerks,” Delaney. “A lot of trust goes into it and it shows that being human you judge people before you even know them.”

“Since campus for compassion is such a fresh thing, we need to throw it in people’s faces,” said Joni Moody.

Posters and signs that make people think about what they are saying to others and raising positivity.  Having a compliment campaign was another idea by Moody, “Just giving someone a compliment can make someone’s day.”

Wyatt Bosworth believes that a Free Hug Day would be a positive act of kindness all across campus. “It’s such a powerful event,” said Bosworth.

“Hugging people as they go to class and having a table with a pledge on it with how many people you want to hug today,” said Bosworth.

“Somebody recently asked me if we could have a room full of puppies, the guy stated his issues with anxiety and how it would help people like him,” said Emily Gregonis.

Dogs are around during finals week, but college students have stress throughout the whole semester.  “Maybe we could get dogs here more than just the end of the semester, because we have tests the whole semester.”




Student Government Association Meeting

 By Joe Suszczynski

  • Chief Administrative Officer Richard Bachoo spoke to the Student Government Association in regards to the security on campus. Some things he spoke about were the lock changes, better camera operations and increasing the sound and amplifications in certain areas of the school where students had a hard time hearing the alarms.
  • Bachoo also explained his rationale on school closures due to weather. Bachoo says that if the roads are significantly iced then the school would be most likely to close, but if the highways were clear and there was not any significant icing school would most likely be open.
  • When asked about commuting students in certain parts of Connecticut who could not attend class because of weather conditions, Bachoo said that he cannot make decisions based on conditions in one or two towns as it is “not practical.” He also recommends that students who travel long distances should have conversations with faculty about their issues.
  • A motion was made to add a section to the SGA By-laws regarding member abandonment. It passed with 17 “yes” votes, 2 “no” votes and 3 “abstain” votes.
  • Treasurer Kory Mills motioned to allocate $3,033.33 to the Biology Department for travel with the stipulation that faculty pay for their own bus fare. It passed with 23 “yes” votes and 2 “no” votes.
  • Senator Bobby Berriault motioned to allocate $2,307.75 to the Technology & Engineering Education Collegiate Association (TECCA); $1,032 goes towards the International Technology Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) Conference and $1,275.75 going towards their accommodations. The motion was passed with 15 “yes” votes, 12 “no” votes and 5 “abstain” votes.
  • For more information regarding the meeting, the minutes can be viewed at

SGA Bullet Points 10/30

By Jaimie Leasure

  • The student government allocated the Communication Club $504, $238 will be going to their entertainment budget and $266 will be going towards travel.  The club is planning on sending 10 members to NYC to tour NBC Studios.  “This trip goes perfectly with their mission statement,” said SGA Treasurer Kory Mills.
  •  The Neuroscience Club had requested to move $775, $475 would be going towards a bus and $300 going to tickets for the Body Exhibit in Hartford.  “Finance committee already denied them $100 for a tip for the bus driver, so we’re already saving money,” said Senator Lauren Hudobenko.  The senate passed the proposal with a 24-6-1 vote.
  •  SGA approved the Society of Paranormal Research of $1,000.  The club is planning on spending $300 to go to the Mark Twain house in Hartford, $400 going towards the Salem Witch Museum and $300 to see the House of Seven Gables.  They are planning on sending 50 people and will have a joint field trip with the History Club.  “The clubs are saving money by working hand in hand,” said Senator Bobby Berriault.
  •  The Pep Squad inquired about moving $200 from their coaching to their entertainment budget.  Senator Connor Fallanca said “the squad has recently been coaching themselves.”  The motion passed and the Pep Squad will now have a DJ for their Showcase.
  •  The student government allocated the Geology and Planetary Science Club $700.  The club will be attending a conference in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and the $700 will go towards accommodations.
  •  Japanese American Culture Club requested $2,800 from SGA to take a trip to NYC.  The trip will last two days and one night, they plan on taking 40 people.  The motion was passed with a 21-6-1 senate vote.

SGA Bullet Points 11/23

By Jaimie Leasure

-Dr. Laura Tordenti reported that CCSU now has $87 million in their US Bank Account ready to build the new residence hall.  The residence hall will be built next to the Student Center Garage.

-Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was allocated $95 for a new mat.  They were given money at the end of last semester for the mat but the price changed.  “They would just like us to cover them for the slight price increase,” said Bobby Berriault.

-The student government sanctioned $3,000 to Construction Management; $2,500 will go towards their accommodations budget and $500 for registration.  Kory Mills said, “This is a valid contingency request, the committee cut the cost to make it affordable.”

-Men’s Rugby was permitted to move $1,650 from the Beast of the East to the New York Sevens Tournament along with $200 going from their trainer budget to other tournaments.

-SGA authorized the Geology and Planetary Science Club to move $1,300 from registration to travel and $450 from refreshments to travel.  The club is planning on attending a conference in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  “The club is saving up money for this event by having club members bring their own refreshments to meetings,” said Connor Fallanca.

-Criminal Justice requested that $500 be moved from guest speaker to supplies and $250 from guest speaker to other for a bounce house.  There was some questioning whether the $250 was correct; “They originally wanted $300 for the bounce house but then they had a legitimate quote on the price so now its $250,” said Kory Mills.