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SGA Proposes Budget Freeze for Inactive Clubs

by Larry Clark

Campus clubs are in for a significant financial change after SGA voted last week to introduce a schedule that would institute a freezing of club accounts for any clubs that are found to be inactive.

“Clubs often come to me and ask why they only received a certain amount for their budget for the year, and each year I have to explain that we have so many clubs to fund and only so much money we can use to fund them,” said Treasurer Kory Mills.  “This motion will show clubs that we’re doing everything we can to maximize funding to active clubs.”

The approved timeline shows that SGA will have until November 17th to determine whether or not a club is active. If a club is deemed inactive then their account will be frozen.  Inactive clubs then have until from December 18th to get into contact with SGA members or their money will be moved back into the SGA’s contingency account.

“I’m against this because this action won’t recoup a lot of money for other clubs, but it will show clubs that we have the power to take back money and that we’re using it,” said Senator Alex Lee when speaking out against the proposed schedule.

While it was not mentioned in debate, it’s important to note that at the end of each spring semester any remaining funds in clubs base budget account will be transferred back into the SGA contingency account.

It was also mentioned that the budget freezing process seems like a correction to the already in place liaison program that the SGA runs.

There were also a number of announcements made at last week’s SGA meeting including that applications for study abroad scholarships are currently available, as well as the Academic Affairs survival guides are almost ready to be distributed.