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SGA Plans Gen Ed Changes

by Larry Clark

General Education was a hot topic at the Student Government meeting last week. Senator Amber Pietrycha spoke to the senate on behalf of the committee overseeing the General Education program in an attempt to reduce the required amount of General Education credits.

Senator Pietrycha said that the new program would reduce the required amounts of credits to 40, as well as removing skill areas and implementing categories of subjects such as quantitative reasoning, natural phenomena, social and behavioral phenomena and arts and humanities.

“With this restructure it gives students much more freedom in choosing classes that meet the Gen-Ed’s needed, but also genuinely interest the students as well,” explained Pietrycha.

The biggest part of this restructuring will be the removal of the foreign language requirement bypass. Currently, students who have taken three years of a foreign language in high school can bypass or override the requirement.  But many of those students who are able to override this requirement don’t actually know or understand those languages.  The new program would require students to take a placement test or take three to six credits of a language at the university.

Senator Pietrycha then ended her presentation by taking questions from the Student Senate. The meeting then continued with committee reports, and then new business.

Tensions arose as senators began debating a motion that would restrict their rights when it came to helping those running for student senate.

Internal Affairs 2014 Zero Three (IA14-03) is a motion from the Internal Affairs Committee and would not allow any current senators to help in the campaigning of anyone running in an SGA election. While this rule was already in place for those sitting on the Public Affairs Committee, other senators and even executive board members are not bound to this requirements. This is something some senators have calling “unfair.”

Senator Lauren Hudeobenko made the motion to pass IA14-03 saying that “no one on SGA should be able to campaign for someone else.  It could create an unfair advantage and overall looks bad. We should follow SA/LD’s example. We chose to be student leaders and we should be held to a higher standard.”

Hudeobenko’s statement to the senate brought strong arguments from those feeling the by-law change was an infringement to their rights.

“I don’t know if anyone remembers this little thing called the United States Constitution and what it says about freedom of speech. The original point was to avoid a conflict of interest and scandal,” said Treasurer Kory Mills.  “When brought to my attention I realized how unfair this was to Public Affairs, but the solution shouldn’t be to ban the entire senate. We have a choice.  I personally choose not to endorse anyone, but that was my choice and what I chose to do should be of no matter to anyone else.”

The motion to approve IA14-03 failed, keeping the restriction on campaigning on others running for senate only to public affairs members.

SGA Preview into the New Semester

By Larry Clark

While the Student Government Association chose not to meet as whole body this week, there was plenty happening on a committee level of the Student Senate.

SGA is made up of four main committees: Finance, Public Affairs, Student Life and Academic Affairs.  All four of these committees work together to complete various tasks ranging from funding clubs to reviewing student fair treatment at CCSU.

The Finance Committee, the deciding body club financial allotment, is now being run under the leadership of Treasurer Kory Mills and Co-Chair Conner Fallanc. They have made a major change to the way the committee will review funding requests.

“Underline wellness, like eight different times, because that’s the theme for this year,” said Sonnett of his goals for SGA this year.

In prior years, the finance committee has set certain deadlines and meetings to review funding requests.  Beginning this semester, they’re taking funding requests on a rolling basis where the requesting paperwork must be in the Friday before an organization wants to present the following weeks meeting. The goal of this new process is to allow for SGA to better serve its club constituency.

“They don’t have to wait to try and reach deadline,” said Mills.  “It’s a little easier to request money from us, they don’t have to wait for a particular date so it makes it easier for everybody.”

The Public Affairs Committee also has many things in store for this semester: advertising this fall’s elections for the currently vacant position of Freshman Senator as well as trying for more student interested in social media involvement and online engagement.

The Academic Affairs committee is focusing on the interests of students and their studies at CCSU. The committee serves as a bridge between students and the office of the Provost. Their main goals they wish to accomplish this semester include tasks such as extending library hours, establishing ways for students to see a sample syllabus before course registration and allowing equal access to student services for everyone.

These committees all serve different purposes within one larger purpose: to serve those that the Student Government represents.  The Student Senate represents all students, commuter and resident the same.  By proxy, one of these committees can help the needs of almost any one undergraduate without taking up regular Student Senate meetings.

“Come to us, please. Students with positive feedback or negative concerns. Anything, even things you want to see change on campus — event ideas and things you think could help benefit your fellow students,” said Simms.  “Fresh ideas are always welcome.  Make sure you get involved, make sure you ask for help and make sure you come to SGA as a resource for help because we can help you. We have the ability to represent you and represent you well; and make such a positive change.”

SGA 4/16

By Joe Suszczynski

  •  In his report, Student Government Association President Brian Choplick vetoed the motion to grant the graduating SGA students stoles with the condition of paying at least $18 that was passed by the senate on April 9, 2014. Choplick cited negative feedback from student body as a reason.
  • A motion was made to approve a line-item change for the Student Veterans Organization. The request was in regards to moving $95.75 from “speakers” to “supplies” for their veterans’ fundraiser. The motion passed unanimously with one abstention.
  • Senator Connor Fallanca motioned to approve the line-item request for the Latin American Student Organization (LASO). LASO requested a total of $1,000 from the “conferences” line-item to the “other” category with the explanation being that they need supplies for their upcoming event called “A Night in Old San Juan,” when they decided to not go to their conference they originally planned to go to. The motion passed 24 to two with five abstentions. The event will take place on April 30.
  • On open floor, Senator Lauren Hudobenko motioned to insert section D to section 5-2 of the SGA by-laws, which has to do with election times. After being amended, Section D would state in a case of a tie a run-off election would be held over a period of at least 24 hours decided by the Public Affairs Committee. The motion passed 20 to three with one abstention.

SGA Bullet Points 4/9

By Joe Suszczynski

  •  Senator Abdallah Alsaqri motioned to allocate no more than $400 to purchase Student Government Association graduation stoles. It was later amended to say that the senators graduating have to pay at least $18. A stole cost $34 and the rationale was that the graduating senators had to pay at least $18 due to it being at least 51% of the cost. The motion passed with 17 “yes” votes, seven “no” votes, and three “abstain” votes.
  •  A motion was made to allocate $6,500, later amended to $6,400 due to typo, to the Student Life Committee from SG9010 for the It’s Not Easy Being Green event. The motion passed with 25 “yes” votes and two “abstain” votes.
  •  A motion was made and passed with 24 “yes” votes and two “abstain votes to allocate $400 from SG9195 for coffee talks on the smoke free campus.
  •  A motion was made to allocate $2886 to the Center Stage revenue account. It passed with 27 “yes” votes, six “no” votes, and one “abstain” votes.

SGA Bullet Points 4/2

SGA Treasurer Kory Mills
SGA Treasurer Kory Mills

By Joe Suszczynski

  •  President Brian Choplick passed the chair to Treasurer Kory Mills in order to speak on a motion to change Section 1-5 of the Student Government Association by-laws regarding “Safe-Zone Training.” The motion passed with 24 “yes” votes and four “abstain” votes. The by-laws now read that every senator and officer will have to attend “Safe-Zone Training” or some type of equivalent service deemed by the Vice-President, or vote of the majority of Senate. And failing to comply with that will result in a loss of stipend.
  •  Another motion regarding semantics in the SGA by-laws was made. The proposal was to say that two-thirds of the Senate must be present at the time voting for committee chairs and co-chairs takes place. The motion passed with 26 “yes” votes and one “abstain” vote.
  •  On open floor, a motion was made to approve the line-item change for the Geology and Planetary Science club. $190 would be moved from their museum trip to pay for a field trip. The motion was passed with 25 “yes votes to three “no” votes and one “abstain” votes.
  •  A motion was made to allocate the Student Life committee $400 in support for an event called the Day of Silence. It passed with 26 “yes” votes and two “abstain” votes.