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Student Government Continues Steady Pace

Banner Approved, Club Allocations Passed

By Kassondra Granata

With no setbacks from winter storm Nemo, the Student Government Association picked up the pace this week approving $480 to create a banner protesting the tuition increase as well as passing six club allocations.

President Bergenn gave his chair to Vice President Liz Braun to speak. Bergenn made a motion to allocate $380 for a banner to protest tuition increases.

“I have a really big issue with the amount of a tuition increase that we are looking at,” Bergenn said.

Sen. Bobby Berriault moved to amend the motion to add an extra $100 in case the senate wants to use both sides. The amendment passed. Bergenn’s motion eventually passed 15-5-4.

The banner, which will be 5 by 20 feet, will be hung on campus from Feb. 21- March 11. Bergenn said that he hopes to hang it in a more noticeable spot, like in front of the library or Memorial Hall.

In New Business, Sen. Chris Marcelli moved to pass the Education Club’s line item change request to move $200 from Devils Den to Special Events.

“This one is pretty straight forward,” Marcelli said. “The club wants to use the money to help out a school system by participating in a beautification project at that school. I think that’s cool, I see no reason why not.”

With no discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

Sen. Brian Choplick motioned to approve the Lacrosse Club contingency for $3,000 in full.

Sen. Matt Hubbard was in opposition of the motion. He said that $3,000 was a lot of money to be “dishing out.”

In a previous SGA meeting, the Lacrosse Club was denied money to travel to North Carolina to participate in conference games. The price to travel was double the price they were asking now. In order to qualify as a club, the team needs to play three conference games.

The team did some research and found that there was an opportunity in Philadelphia, PA.. If passed, the club plans on playing two conference games in PA. and one in CT.

“I just don’t see this as unforeseen events, said Hubbard. “I think it is a lot of money to be dishing out that isn’t certain. They don’t know if they are going to qualify or not.”

Braun said that it is unforeseen in that last year that they were able to qualify without playing conference games.

“Now that this is a new rule according to our minutes and their presentation, it is unforeseen,” said Braun. “Last year was different.”

The motion passed 31-2-1. Sen. Chris Marcelli then continued New Business by motioning to approve the Physics and Earth Sciences request for $300 for speakers. The Finance Committee had denied their other request to go on an annual trip.

“We did think that it was appropriate to allocate for speakers, we thought that it was an okay idea,” said Marcelli.

Sen. Bobby Berriault opposed the motion. He said that last year, the club asked for $800 for new speakers, and received $500.

“Now, they are asking for $300 more that they asked for in the spring,” Berriault said. “I do not see how this isn’t a two contingency. The purpose of a contingency is to ask for money in an unforeseen manner. I don’t think this is a good idea to approve this. They asked for this money once before, and now they are coming back and asking for it again hoping that no one will notice.”

The vote passed 22-11-1. Sen. Ryan Baldassario then moved to pass the Phi Delta co-sponsorship for $380 determined by them receiving the Weekend Central grant. The motion passed 29-2-3.

Sen. Bepin Mgushi motioned to allocate $1500 to the Chinese American Student Association for a trip to Boston and deny the rest.

“The club wants to go to Boston and explore American history and discover new things,” Mgushi said. Mgushi said that the Finance Committee told the club that they need to pitch in and that they are a new club.

Sen. Baldassario said that because the CASA are a new club, it is “off” that they are receiving $1500 and having the ability to “do whatever they want to do.” Treasurer Nick Alaimo also mentioned that the club signed up for a presentation but “never showed up.”

Sen. Kim Towler motioned to postpone the motion until the next meeting to give the club the time to present.

“Even though they missed their presentation, they should be given a chance,” Towler said. “It might have been from the snow.”

Sen. Baladassario responded in opposition to Towler’s motion.

“They signed up to present, but they didn’t come,” said Baldassario. “They didn’t come but we are still motioning to approve it?” Towler’s motion failed. Bergenn also said that the Chinese American Student Association was not approved this year to be a club.

The motion passed with a close 16-15-2. The last allocation of the meeting passed was for the History Club for $2700, with $800 for the students activities and $1900 for the hotel room.