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Senate Passes Finance Committee Recommendations

By Joe Suszczynski

The Student Government Association passed  three recommendations made by the Finance Committee at its last meeting.

It was first motioned to pass FC13-010 and FC13-011. FC13-010 was a motion to set a standing rule for the 2012-2013 academic year stating that new club budgets can’t exceed $500. FC13-011 was to set a standing rule for the 2012-2013 academic year stating that the new club budget restrictions also apply for all clubs who did not apply for a base budget in the spring of 2012.

Senator Kory Mills spoke in favor of the motion. In regards to FC13-010, Mills said that it was an “implied rule” that the Finance Committee had to begin with.

“Just making it a standing rule is something that would help us keep this precedence all year. It’s not like we’re telling them you have to stick to 500 dollars all year,” said Mills. “As for the second motion, it’s for clubs that don’t submit a base budget the year before. We do this anyways already so now we just can’t change our minds and everything is more fair to the clubs.”

Senator Kim Towler spoke in opposition. Towler said that if there’s a club that needs to spend more than $500 then they should be able to get it.

The motion was then passed.

The Senate then moved on to motion FC13-009. The motion was to allocate $500 to the Design Club to their “Entertainment and Exhibitions” line item, which would go towards their fashion show.

Senator Ryan Baldassario spoke for the motion. Baldassario said that they needed the money to fund their main event.

No one spoke in opposition and the motion was then voted on and passed unanimously.

Senate Converses About Vacant Seats In Faculty Senate

By Joe Suszczynski

The Student Government Association hosted a guest speaker Wednesday explaining how students can join certain committees on the Faculty Senate.

Frederic Latour, Associate Professor and Secretary of the Faculty Senate, spoke to the SGA about the possible student positions on Faculty Senate Committees.

“The goal of the student seats…first of all we want to get student perspective on those issues that are important to students, but the other thing is that we want to give you a voice because all of those seats come with voting rights,” said Latour.

Some of the committees that students can join are Academic Integrity, Academic Standards, Academic Advising, Curriculum, Library and Student Affairs amongst others.

Senator Shelby Dattilo asked if there were seats that were already full on the committees given.

Latour said that what he had given out to the Senate is what he knows so far and did not have the most current information.

“As far as I know, this is based on the information I have. The only student seat that I was aware would be filled was the one on the University Planning and Budget Committee,” Latour said. The other committees I’m not aware of any seats being taken, but that could be because I don’t have the most current information.”

Later in new business there were recommendations made by Finance Committees.

Senator Kory Mills spoke in favor of this motion, giving a brief summary of each recommendation.

“006 is a fundraising loan, which is pretty awesome. We like fundraising loans. 007 is a new club budget. New club, we generally give them 500 dollars, if you agree say ‘yes’ to that. And then Physical Education line item change, they’re taking money from refreshments to other. It’s always good when they use their food money for other things,” said Mills.

FC13-006 and FC13-007 were motions to allocate money to two clubs, 600 dollars to the Dance Team for t-shirts to be paid back by the end of the semester, Tennis Club being allocated 500 dollars.

FC13-008 was a line item change to the Physical Education Club, moving 50 dollars out of its refreshments budget to its other budget for their “Nitro Ball event.”

The motion passed unanimously.

On open floor, Senator Bobby Berriault suggested to replace any seats that may become vacant throughout the year.

“I wanted to get this out today so we don’t have to have another referendum. I wanted to do this sooner rather than later, to add this to the Constitution so we don’t have to have this problem every semester. It’s unrealistic for us to have an election every two months when a seat becomes vacant and my hope is to get the seats filled,” said Berriault.

Vice President Liz Braun then moved to refer the Senator’s motion to the Internal Affairs Committee.

Braun said it would be better if it were discussed in the committee rather being idle for two weeks.

Senate Hears Sherwood’s Input On O’Brien’s Policy

By: Joe Suszczynski

At the Student Government Association meeting, Phil Sherwood, New Britain Mayor’s Deputy Chief of Staff, spoke to the Senate in regards to Mayor O’Brien’s ordinace.

According to the New Britain Herald, O’Brien will be taking the anti-blight ordinance seriously. The ordinance was adopted earlier this year and placed a $250 fine against the property owners if they violate the ordinance. The New Britain Herald stated that if the new ordinance proposal is voted into effect each time the police visit the property owners will be fined $600.

Sherwood spoke about the current problems some neighborhoods were facing.

“When it’s two in the morning and there’s beer bottles being tossed or there’s a few dozen students outside of your house and you’re sleeping with your window open, that’s an issue,” said Sherwood. “The line is crossed when there’s excessive noise and over the top underage drinking.”

Sherwood then took questions from the Senate. Senator Monique Narcisse asked if there was another solution, suggesting a community service.

“The mayor is open to ideas. Anything that gives the student body increased ownership over the quality of life in the neighborhood, probably a good thing,” Sherwood said.

Senator Bobby Berriault asked Sherwood where students can find information if the new ordinance is passed. Linda Tordenti said that it would be posted to Pipeline.

Later in the meeting,  Senator Simms Sonet motioned to allocate $3,920 to RECentral for 800 shirts towards the participants in the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge.

“This Healthy Lifestyle Challenge is something that is going really benefit students right now,” said Sonet. “The shirts are very important to the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge because they help to advertise and act as a reward and not just a giveaway. This challenge is an event that could really be extremely huge on this campus.”

Sonet also said that if the motion passes, twenty to twenty-five shirts are to be handed out each week.

Treasurer Nick Alaimo spoke against the motion. Although he said he liked the idea of the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge he told the Senate to prepare for the consequences. According to Alaimo, the senate has never approved allocating money to clubs for t-shirts, and usually stands against it. He said that if they approved this motion, then other clubs will ask for the same items.

Senator Kory Mills moved to amend the motion by striking some of the wording. Mills motioned to take the words “to RECentral” out so it would read solely would read,  the “Healthy Lifestyle Challenge.” The amendment was passed.

Senator Ryan Baldassario spoke against the motion.

“The merits of supporting this program are not in question. The reward of the Healthy Life Style Challenge is getting a healthy lifestyle. That is what the purpose of this is. T shirts alone are not motivating factors,” said Baldassario. “You would not give out 25 medals to the top 25 people in a race. We could support this program in other ways. This could be one facet of it.”

The motion ended up failing with a vote of nine yes vote to fourteen no votes with one abstention.

Sonet was later reached for comment.

“I am a little upset that it didn’t pass, but the points presented against were good points. They’re not just out of the blue random comments. They’re not stupid, they are well thought out,” said Sonet.