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SGA Bullet Points

Meeting Covered By Rachael Bentley 

Check out what happened at the first Student Government meeting of the Fall 2013 semester below.


* Dr. Tordenti, Vice President of Student Affairs, announced the passing of a CCSU student over the summer.  She explained, “We lost a student over the summer, a football player, Jamar Johnson. I did not know him personally but from all accounts he was a kind and smart man and will be missed. This has been hard on everybody and we are looking to begin planning a memorial service for him in October.”

* Dr. Tordenti announced the contract for the new residence hall will be going out soon and that activity will soon begin this winter. They are looking to have the new dorm open by Fall 2015.

* Treasurer’s Report:  The SGA summer retreat cost $4549, which, according to Treasurer Mills, was extremely under-budget compared to $10,000 they usually spend.

* Student Life Committee: Meetings will be on Fridays 4-6 p.m in the Clock Tower.

* Public Affairs Report:  Election packets will be out Monday 9/9 in SALD and elections will take place on October 8, 9 and 10th.

* Finance Report: Unlike last year, clubs do not need to be notified until they are actually put on probation, and then they will be given the opportunity to appeal. Last year, clubs were notified before they were put on probation.

* New Business: Motion to approve the base budget for the Society of Automotive Engineers for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. The base budget amounts to $3,500. The motion passed with 25 in favor, one apposed and one abstention.

* Sept. 21 is Family Day. The SGA is working on getting a dunk tank for the festivities.

* Sept. 14 is the football teams first night game. Light-up devil horns with be provided for students.

*  On Sept. 17th, there will be a memorial held at 4 p.m in honor of the Sandy Hook Victims. A memorial was build to honor them, headed by student Autumn Ingraham.