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CCSU to Remember Cavalli with Memorial Service

By Kim Scroggins

CCSU plans to hold a memorial service this Wednesday for people to gather in honor of Viviana Cavalli, who was killed last month in a car accident in Shelton, Connecticut.

At 5 p.m. the Connecticut Room in Memorial Hall will be opened up for those who wish to come and pay their respects. As for speakers, university VP of Marketing and Communications Mark McLaughin said that the campus Catholic organization will most likely be present.

“I’m pretty sure that John Campbell of CCSU’s Catholic Ministry will be speaking,” McLaughlin said.

Where other students didn’t feel comfortable enough to discuss their feelings concerning the memorial, Nicole Chuba, Cavalli’s roommate in Vance, had a few things to say about Viviana as a friend and fellow student.

“I didn’t know her coming into college,” Chuba says, “but as soon as I did, we became good friends and I’m glad we were able to talk about a lot of things and give each other advice. Not to mention some of the fun times we had in the short time that we knew each other.”

Both came to CCSU this year as freshmen. “I wish we could have had more time to become better friends. She was such a nice person and the best roommate anyone could ever have!” Chuba states.

The memorial was planned by Dr. Laura Tordenti, the interim VP of Student Affairs. The university president, director of Residence Life, the campus Catholic Chaplain and the associate director from Counseling & Wellness and several students are scheduled to speak and/or assist with the ceremony.

A Gathering In Memory of Viviana Cavalli

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
5 p.m.
Memorial Hall, Connecticut Room
Central Connecticut State University