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CCSU Grad Project Faces Opposition

By Tonya Malinowski

A recent CCSU graduate has faced resistance from the campus bookstore and the police department for passing out flyers promoting a new book swap Web site for students.

Jessica Schweitzer, a December 2008 graduate from CCSU started as a nonprofit way for students to trade textbooks and post classifieds, but she has been asked to leave campus while trying to promote the site.

“Students want to save money, but the university wants to make money, so there’s the conflict,” Schweitzer said. “The university has a contract with Barnes and Noble, which hurts students because we get ripped off every semester on the high price of textbooks.”

Schweitzer reported that the campus bookstore manager, Jack O’Leary, called CCSU police to report soliciting. O’Leary, a Barnes & Noble employee, declined comment.

“I confronted [O’Leary] last semester and explained what we were doing as students,” Schweitzer said. “He went on the website and placed an ad saying we were a scam and students shouldn’t use us, which I removed.”

The CCSU solicitation policy states that the University “shall stipulate conditions under which such solicitation/sales can take place.” currently has 370 active listings and 930 users. In addition to textbooks and classifieds, the site also features job openings, coupons and social networking.