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Thursday Night Fight: Heads vs. Feds In Debate Over Marijuana Laws

By Michael Walsh

Central Connecticut State University’s NORML chapter will sponsor a “Heads vs. Feds” debate that will bring the controversial topic of the legalization of marijuana to the table.

Thursday night’s debate, which will be held at 7 p.m. in Welte Auditorium, will be between longtime High Times editor-in-chief Steven Hager and former DEA agent Bob Stutman. The debate intends to bring forth factual opinions from both sides on the subject of marijuana and the laws that govern it.

“The debate will be a great opportunity for CCSU students to examine both sides of the issue, and to decide for themselves what they think is the most rational policy,” said CCSU NORML public relations officer David Allard.

Hager was editor-in-chief of High Times, a marijuana culture magazine, for 15 years. Since his departure from the magazine in 2006, Hager has remained a key visible proponent for the legalization of marijuana.

Stutman retired from the DEA in 1990 as Special Agent in Charge of the New York Field Division. He first became a street agent in 1965 before becoming the youngest supervisor in the history of the agency at the age of 27. Stutman has also been a consultant for CBS and PBS on substance abuse.

Allard also mentioned that the fight is not that someone has an opinion one way or the other, but that they have factual ones.

“Marijuana Reform is a very controversial topic, it inspires heated opinions,” said Allard. “The danger in this is not that one has an opinion on the subject, but if one has an uninformed opinion.”

CCSU’s NORML chapter hopes to promote an overall awareness and understanding of the issue and in turn hope to raise group membership at the same time.

“Whether you support marijuana reform or not, you will enjoy this event, and much can be learned,” said Allard. “The Heads vs. Feds debate is going to be a very fun, informative and eye-opening event.”

The Head vs. Feds debate is part of a national tour produced by Wolfman Productions. The tour has been to Virginia Tech, College of Charleston and Middle Tennessee State University among others.