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Student Government Association Meeting

 By Joe Suszczynski

  • Chief Administrative Officer Richard Bachoo spoke to the Student Government Association in regards to the security on campus. Some things he spoke about were the lock changes, better camera operations and increasing the sound and amplifications in certain areas of the school where students had a hard time hearing the alarms.
  • Bachoo also explained his rationale on school closures due to weather. Bachoo says that if the roads are significantly iced then the school would be most likely to close, but if the highways were clear and there was not any significant icing school would most likely be open.
  • When asked about commuting students in certain parts of Connecticut who could not attend class because of weather conditions, Bachoo said that he cannot make decisions based on conditions in one or two towns as it is “not practical.” He also recommends that students who travel long distances should have conversations with faculty about their issues.
  • A motion was made to add a section to the SGA By-laws regarding member abandonment. It passed with 17 “yes” votes, 2 “no” votes and 3 “abstain” votes.
  • Treasurer Kory Mills motioned to allocate $3,033.33 to the Biology Department for travel with the stipulation that faculty pay for their own bus fare. It passed with 23 “yes” votes and 2 “no” votes.
  • Senator Bobby Berriault motioned to allocate $2,307.75 to the Technology & Engineering Education Collegiate Association (TECCA); $1,032 goes towards the International Technology Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) Conference and $1,275.75 going towards their accommodations. The motion was passed with 15 “yes” votes, 12 “no” votes and 5 “abstain” votes.
  • For more information regarding the meeting, the minutes can be viewed at