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A Student Beyond His Years

By Acadia Otlowski

Adam Stryjewski is one of those students on campus.  As a double major with a 3.93 GPA, it may seem to many that all he has time to do is study. But that’s what makes Stryjewski most impressive – he successfully balances both his classes and his extensive extracurricular activities with confidence.

He is involved with two different research teams, one on hypermasculinity, the other on test performances with and without head injuries. Stryjewski was also involved in another research initiative, but found that he did not have enough time to dedicate himself to three research teams.

“I didn’t have the time to actually commit to it,” said Stryjewski, who said that the third research team he signed up for required him to write a program for the professor leading the study. Stryjewski found himself unable to fully commit to all three teams and, instead of doing a mediocre job, he asked the professor in charge to find another student to do the project.

Following the two-part research methods class he took, Stryjewski found himself researching these topics for his psychology major. Stryjewski was selected by Dr. Jason Sikorski, a psychology professor and his research methods professor.

Stryjewski said that the professors recognized potential in him, and Stryjewski knew it would be good for his resume.

Of the two teams he is still involved in, Stryjewski’s favorite is his work with Sikorski on the hypermasculinity study.

“They think violence is manly. They think danger is exciting and they typically hold these really bad attitudes towards sex and women,” said Stryjewski of the subjects of his research. The team stages a sort of invention, explains Stryjewski, and basically talks to the subject, convincing them that this is not the only way that they can act.

“Their levels of hypermasculinity actually go down quite a bit,” said Stryjewski, who said that the program has been recognized for its contributions to the community through the Developing a Compassionate Community Award.

This is not the only award that Stryjewski has received. In addition to a few high school awards, Stryjewski has also been awarded with two Outstanding Research Awards, the Mary Corcoran Scholarship, the Man Enough Award.

Despite his successes, Stryjewski thinks himself relatively ordinary.  He feels all he does differently from other students is putting in the time and showing up to classes.

“I’m paying for this stuff. I want to be here,” said Stryjewski of his college career. He has been at Central Connecticut State University for four years, but plans to stick around in order take math classes recommended by the computer science department.

As for his future, Stryjewski is torn.

“I’m going to take an [Artificial Intelligence] A.I. course in the spring and see if I really want to do A.I. If I don’t do that then I’m going to go into clinical neuropsychology most likely,” said Stryjewski, who stressed that he is still very unsure what direction he should take. “I’m equally drawn to both of them so I guess I’ll just stick around another year.”

Do not get the wrong idea about Stryjewski. He is not all work and no play.

“He helps make our meetings fun because he has a very witty and sarcastic sense of humor,” said Brooke Roath, a student on Sikorski’s research team. Roath describes Stryjewski as very dedicated.

“He made joining a research team much less scary because I knew he would be open to answering my questions,” said Roath.

Roath also said that Adam enjoys playing video games in his spare time–like many other college students.