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Faculty Senate Talks Student Affairs

Amanda Webster

After much debate, the Faculty Senate voted to postpone discussion on a motion that would allow transfer students to receive recognition for maintaining a high GPA through an Honors designation called Dean’s Recognition.

Currently, if a student graduates with a GPA of 3.5 or higher they are recognized as graduating with honors. However, in order to qualify for Honors, students need to complete at least 62 hours worth of credits at CCSU. For transfer students, meeting the minimum amount of credited hours can prohibit them from graduating with Honors. The proposed Dean’s Recognition would allow students with 30 to 61 in-house credits to receive recognition for their academic achievements.

Faculty Senate Secretary Frederic Latour proposed the motion.

“Some students are wondering why they can’t qualify for Honors even though they had a really high GPA here and a really high GPA at their previous institution,” said Latour.

According to Latour, Central is the only state school that has a minimum requirement of 62 in-house credits needed to graduate with Honors. Southern requires 60 credits whereas Eastern and Western students need only 45 credits.

Mariann Fallon of the psychology department originally proposed the idea after a number of students voiced their complaints to her.

A number of faculty members had an issue with the motion for various reasons. Some said it would be unfair to students who have put in more time at Central to receive the same recognition as students who may have only been matriculated for a year while others said that it would be unfair to reward students who may have done poorly at a community college and then have done well for one semester here.

Latour said that information clarifying the recognition would be specifically for a student’s time while at CCSU would be available on the online catalog.

After much back and forth deliberation the senate voted to postpone the discussion until the fall semester since the decision would not affect this year’s graduates.

Additionally, the faculty senate heard from the Student Affairs Committee about the recognition of 11 new organizations on campus. Professor Jason Sikorski said that the committee has done a great job all semester with relaying student life areas and policies to faculty and have focused on strategies to communicate the information they have to FYE regarding student clubs on campus.

The new student organizations are: Film Club, Neuroscience Club, Tea Club, Deuces Wild, Insurance, Banking and Financial Services, Soccer Club, Food For Thought, Women’s Volleyball Club, Public Policy Club, Long Boarding Club and the Musical Club.