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CCSU Student Assaulted Near Campus

By Irene Yukash

A male student is in the hospital this evening after an altercation with two unknown males on Paul Manafort Drive which occurred around 5 pm, according to a Central Connecticut State University police report.

The suspects have not yet been found and were last seen heading down East Street.  The victim reported that one of the assailants had a handgun.

“That hasn’t been determined beyond what the victim has said, I’m not trying to contradict the report or victim- the details may change as more information comes through,” said Mark McLaughlin, CCSU Spokesperson.  “Our police are consistently monitoring the situation, they of course are on the lookout for any kind of suspicious activity. When I spoke with the chief of police, they were quite certain the suspect had taken off.”

Paul Manafort Drive is location to several academic buildings as well as student dormitories like James Hall and Beecher Hall.  According to CCSU’s website, the two dormitories are home to nearly 550 students.  Some who have learned of the incident are questioning the campus’ safety.

Several classes were in session during the incident including Tanetta Andersson’s class.  A visiting assistant professor, Andersson, was holding a Global Gender class in Diloretto Hall located on Paul Manafort Drive around the time of the assault, when a student informed her and the rest of the class about it.

“I’m just glad I checked my email,” said Geoffrey Katulka, CCSU student.  “I hope they catch who ever did (it) and find out exactly what happened and if they need to be brought to justice, that has to happen.”

Although the assault took place around 5 pm, the university didn’t release a Clery Act notice until around 6:50 pm.  By 7 pm, not everyone on campus was aware that there was an incident.

“It’s kinda scary, just like random, it scary because my friends live right near here, I’m on campus so it’s just weird that there are people like that out there,” said CCSU Freshman Connor Murphy.  He was taking an exam at the time and hadn’t heard about the assault.

“It’s not a situation you like to hear about around our campus, I thought it was safe because police always drive around here, especially at night, students will tend to say something if somebody’s out of place here, I’m just a little surprised and I hope the person is ok,” said Monique Narcisse, junior at CCSU.

Between this incident and a shooting that took place at Tools Bar and Grill on Main Street over the weekend, she is worried that students don’t have many places to hang out anymore.

“And I liked Elmer’s, it was a reasonable place to go to, they have specials, it’s casual, they’re just messing it up for us,” said Narcisse.

According to McLaughlin, the situation is over and police reassured him that there is no current danger to CCSU students.

“Our police are consistently monitoring the situation, they of course are on the lookout for any kind of suspicious activity,” McLaughlin said. “This is all preliminary, I’m sure our police and the New Britain police will continue to investigate.”

McLaughlin stated that the blue light alarms on campus are available for students to report incidences and students will be informed as more details are uncovered.  Anyone with information pertaining to the case is urged to contact Lieutanant Edward Dercole at 860-832-2394 or the CCSU police at 860-832-2375.