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CCSU Students Talk Online Dating


CCSU TV Reporter Britni King talks to CCSU students about dating on the internet. See what some of your peers have to say about the hot topic!


(This news package was sent to The Recorder from the CCSU broadcast journalism class production of CCSU TV.)


CCSU Students Voice Opinion On Gun Control

Gun Control Sound Clip In order of sound: 1. Dan McAllen 2. Alyssa Patenaude 3. Shae Sou 4. Sergeant Greg Kowolski 5. Brittany Levine, Member of the Rifle and Marksmanship Club 6. Ryan Cool 7. Skyler Magnoli- Thomas Hobca 8. Thomas Madden 9. Edward Geiger 10. Peter Johnson 11. Jack Kelner, Co President of the Rifle and Marksmanship Club Sound bites contributed by: Kassondra Granata, Justin Muszynski, Skyler Magnoli, Derek Turner, and Navindra Persaud The Recorder

Project Main Street: The New Britain-Hartford Busway

“Project Main Street: The New Britain-Hartford Busway” is the final project of CCSU journalism students in John Dankosky’s “Story in Sound” class.  This thirty minute program, split into three parts, includes reporting from Vanessa Johnson, Jamie Horton, Graig Hargraves, Liz Walczok, Sarah Bogues, Matthew Clyburn and Barbara Gagne.

Click to listen:

Busway Class Final Part One

Busway Class Final Part Two

Busway Class Final Part Three