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Connecticut Dances through the Night at Central

by Kimberly Pena

Central Connecticut hosted the Connecticut’s Best Dance Crew competition on Nov. 18th, allowing dance crews from all around Connecticut to participate and show their craft.

The competition began with CCSU’s very own dance crew, where they received a warm applause from the audience.

The event was hosted by senior Kevin Leatherwood and Ulricka Joseph, providing the platform to the crews to express their unique style of dancing on the stage.

The majority of the crews danced to Hip-Hop and R&B, hyping up the crowd as they moved.

Naquan Asberry, known by his stage name “Quan Neutron,” taught himself to dance when he was five years old. He appreciated CCSU for hosting the event so his crew PLATIM3, could be challenged and grow as dancers.

“Me and my group were just like we just so hungry for like the dance style,” said Neutron. “We like staying out of trouble, like doing positive things, like we just like challenging ourselves more in our crafts. That’s what we do, we just came here to challenge ourselves.”

The crews enjoyed seeing what the best dancers of the state had to offer and how it would inspire them for future choreography.

All night the crowd was into the dancing to the point where several audience members bolted to the stage and danced to the infamous song, “Watch Me” by singer Silento.

Audience member Marta Komosinska, was impressed with all the dancers and loved the idea of them coming to CCSU to show what they were made of.

“They have to show it to the world,” said Komosinska. “Otherwise they have no other way of growing themselves or if people are liking them or if they, you know, are performing well or not.”

CCSU hopes to once again host the event so people could not only express themselves with words, but also with their bodies.

CCSU Students Voice Opinion On Gun Control

In order of sound:
1. Dan McAllen
2. Alyssa Patenaude
3. Shae Sou
4. Sergeant Greg Kowolski
5. Brittany Levine, Member of the Rifle and Marksmanship Club
6. Ryan Cool
7. Skyler Magnoli- Thomas Hobca
8. Thomas Madden
9. Edward Geiger
10. Peter Johnson
11. Jack Kelner, Co President of the Rifle and Marksmanship Club
Sound bites contributed by: Kassondra Granata, Justin Muszynski, Skyler Magnoli, Derek Turner, and Navindra Persaud
The Recorder

Project Main Street: The New Britain-Hartford Busway

“Project Main Street: The New Britain-Hartford Busway” is the final project of CCSU journalism students in John Dankosky’s “Story in Sound” class.  This thirty minute program, split into three parts, includes reporting from Vanessa Johnson, Jamie Horton, Graig Hargraves, Liz Walczok, Sarah Bogues, Matthew Clyburn and Barbara Gagne.

Click to listen:

Busway Class Final Part One

Busway Class Final Part Two

Busway Class Final Part Three

James Hall Intruder Arrested On Sexual Assault Charge

By Matt Kiernan and Jason Cunningham

Audio Story By Jason Cunninghman

Audio: James Hall Intruder Arrested on Sexual Assault Charge

Chlevera Trimmier, 19, of Hartford, was arrested on charges of sexual assault in the fourth degree, among other charges, after intruding on James Hall residents Thursday night, Sep. 16.

Trimmier , who’s not a student at CCSU, was a visiting friend of a resident at James Hall, and was allegedly able to enter several women’s rooms in multiple suites that were left unlocked. When questioned by residents, he allegedly claimed to be a resident assistant.

James Hall resident assistants called the CCSU campus police after the students who were disturbed by Trimmier notified them of his presence.

“There was a knock at my door, and then the door opened, and there was some strange guy I’d never seen before standing in my room. He asked me if ‘I could sleep there;’ I politely told him ‘no,’ and he left,” said Brooke DelGiudice, a junior majoring in psychology and resident of James Hall. DelGiudice added that Trimmier seemed intoxicated, but non-threatening.

Other students in the hall had similar experiences.

“He kept trying to shush me;  he said it was for an initiation,” said Hannah Simeone, a senior majoring in communications. Simeone says this was after Trimmier entered her room and was questioned who he was. After Simeone started to raise her voice, Trimmier left.

There is no confirmation as to whether Trimmier was a part of an initiation process.

“Students are still propping open the external doors and I’m sure they’re doing for completely good intentions or for convenience reasons, but that puts the entire resident hall at risk,” said Mark McLaughlin, associate vice president of marketing and communications at CCSU.

McLaughlin points to student responsibility as a key to improving student safety on campus. Sign-in records are currently being investigated  to see how many times Trimmier has stayed on campus.

CCSU police have issued a “persona non grata,” which means he is forbidden to come to campus.

Staff from Student Affairs, the Women’s Center, Counseling and Wellness, campus police and Residence Life met with students Thursday night to address the incident. From the discussion, one suggestion was established for heightening security which was to increase the number patrols of residence halls.

All students who attended the meeting agreed on the importance of enhancing their safety by locking their doors and being alert to and reporting suspicious activity.

Further meetings with the Counseling staff will be held upon student requests.

The CCSU administration is asking students to enroll in the University’s Emergency Notification System. The system can notify students via text messages and voice mails of threatening conditions or situations.

This can be accomplished by visiting and clicking the emergency notification system link on the homepage.

Trimmier is facing several criminal charges including criminal trespassing, criminal mischief in the third degree, sexual assault in the fourth degree, 10 counts of burglary in the third degree, as well as 18 counts of disorderly conduct. Trimmier’s bail was set at $100,000 at his Friday, Sep. 19 arraignment in New Britain’s Superior Court.

He returns to court on Oct. 13.