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Inexpensive Travel How To. Destination: Salem

By: Arianna Cecchini

When you hear the year 1692, what comes to mind? Probably not much, unless you’re a history major or fanatic. But one of the most remarkable historical events in history happened in 1692, and not too far from the CCSU campus. The Salem Witch Trials happened in 1692, and as a college student looking for something to do, one can get a glimpse into this horrifying and remarkable event for a low cost.

Salem, MA is only about a two hour drive from CCSU, so pack some friends into the car and head up for a weekend of spooky fun. Salem offers great hotels all around the area for extremely low prices of about $80-100 a night. The hotels are top quality also — names such as The Marriott and Hilton. The only time those prices sky rocket is in October. If money is an issue, avoid the month of October, or try to go very early in the month if you would like to participate in the Halloween festivities.

Salem is one of the cutest and most quaint New England towns and is relatively cheap in comparison to some of the huge cities. It offers an open flea market every weekend, which travels down one of their streets with vendors and local food. There are about 10-20 haunted houses in the area that one can get into for, on average, about $8 a person.

Salem also happens to be right on the water with a fabulous restaurant, Victoria Station, which sits right on the coast. The restaurant offers a great variety of food, from fresh New England clam chowder, to delicious tender prime rib. Prices for the food are low and the quality is amazing. It is a must when visiting Salem. Another must-see is the candy shop across from the House of 7 Gables, which offers homemade goodies, with a special Halloween twist to them. It is a good stop for the sweets-lovers where one can pick up some great take-home treats.

For the history lovers, Salem has a few important locations to really learn about the history of the city. The Salem Witch Museum would be one of them, where one can somewhat relive the trials and to gain appreciation for what happened to those innocent people in 1692.

The House of 7 Gables is another museum that was home to Nathaniel Hawthorne, a famous writer, whose Uncle was the hanging judge during the witch trials. One can visit the home and see how one’s lifestyle was maintained in the 1600-1700s. It is a great historic stop, which brings the guest into what the town was really like during the time period.

Both of these museums are only about $15 per person, making for quite a cheap way to spend some hours and really experience Salem for how it was, why it is so well known. Now, during Halloween, is the best time of the year to go and experience Salem — if one doesn’t mind spending a higher rate at a hotel. The only way to avoid that is to book months in advanced and board about 25 minutes outside of Salem.

Salem in October transforms into a haunted happening. People with masks run the street, plays of the trials are reenacted in the streets, hundreds of people are dressed up. Haunted houses are at every corner, shops are booming with lights and crafty souvenirs. There are multiple ghost tours through the city at night, which is a must see for those Halloween lovers. Its creepy, awesome and a great time. Overall, Salem is a beautiful and historic New England town that one must see. It is a great weekend getaway for friends, or couples, or even families. Salem truly resembles the beauty and history of New England.