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CCSU Insomniac


New Britain Diner . 1130 Corbin Avenue . New Britain, Conn. 06053

This diner has to be a staple for any CCSU student’s late-night excursions. With easy access from Central (a five-minute drive) and a relatively cheap menu, the positives certainly outweigh the chances of running into a noisy crowd of post-club goers who usually frequent the diner around 2 or 3 a.m.

Regardless of the crowd, New Britain Diner serves as the perfect end to any night, whether you’ve spent the majority of the last few hours showing your friends how to run the BP table – or losing – or just finished a 12-page paper due tomorrow morning. There is nothing quite like the satisfying combination of old-school steak fries and a greasy cheeseburger with a milkshake. At 3 in the morning, it’s probable that anything would taste good (if you can, in fact, still taste), but sobriety can’t exactly alter the way a large portion of thick steak fries satisfies the stomach, or keep you from finishing a chocolate milkshake before your actual meal arrives.

Other tasty options include your usual eggs, toast and what looks like a whole pound of bacon, some orange juice and coffee. Scrambled, sunny side-up, the not too greasy over easy or in omelets, eggs are one of the things New Britain Diner does best.

Bowl-O-Rama . 2143 Berlin Turnpike . Newington, Conn. 06111

Some have said that the way Bowl-O-Rama waxes their lanes makes it easier for novices to win. With that said, I’ll usually welcome the idea of a challenge; even though I’m no pro and am unable to consistently bowl above a 90, the idea that I may be able to out-score my friends on a fluke at this alley keeps me going.

This 24-hour bowling alley is situated on the Berlin Turnpike, a straight drive down Rte. 175 through Newington. At 1:30 a.m. on a Thursday night/ Friday morning, the crowd was sparse, the bar had already closed its doors and my size 6.5 rental pair of shoes still retained the warmth from the feet of all the people with small feet who wore them during the day. Luckily someone in the group had a coupon that night for “buy three games and your partner bowls three for free”. Otherwise, games cost $3.37 per person per game, shoes are free when you flash your BlueChip. On a side note, one pair of socks costs $3 from a vending machine; while the price high, at least they are kind enough to consider girls who wear ballet flats everywhere.

Gold Roc . Diner 61 Kane Street . West Hartford, Conn. 06119

Another quick trip, this time up Rte. 9 to I-84 East, will bring the hungry late-night traveler to Gold Roc Diner, a ‘50s- inspired mess protruding from the left side of 84 in all of its glowing red glory. Though, in all fairness, the exterior doesn’t accurately represent Gold Roc’s appeal.

In comparison to New Britain’s, this diner fares pretty well; the French fries are of a thinner cut, service takes slightly longer and their Heinz ketchup bottle caps aren’t screwed on as tight (do not turn a bottle up-side down and shake it unless you are 100 percent confident the cap is secured), but overall not the worst choice for a late-night dining experience.

You won’t notice minor unpleasant details anyway as you are probably more concerned at this point whether your meal of a large stack of chocolate chip pancakes will go well with previously consumed Jagerbombs. Like every diner most of the food is affordable but you get what you pay for.

There is a chance you’ll have to deal with a crowd during your latenight weekends because everyone else will be looking for a place to sober up, but Gold Roc will do if it’s the first place you see.


-Melissa Traynor, Editor-in-Chief: